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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Home > Is It Better to Get a Furnished Apartment or an Unfurnished Apartment?

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Is It Better to Get a Furnished Apartment or an Unfurnished Apartment?

Is It Better to Get a Furnished Apartment or an Unfurnished Apartment?

Have you been rounding up multiple apartments for purchase lately? If so, you must have faced the challenge of deciding whether is it better to get a furnished or unfurnished apartment! Several new homebuyers face this dilemma.

Therefore, we have jotted down the positives and negatives of both to guide you through the furnished vs unfurnished apartment debate. Here’s our conclusion on the topic:

The affordability factor

While you search for the perfect housing property, your budget can be the most significant deciding factor. You indirectly pay for the furnishings as an added cost in a furnished apartment's overall property price. Moreover, if you have high expectations from your place, you might consider hiring an interior designer for an unfurnished apartment.

Simply put, an unfurnished apartment typically costs less than a furnished one. Also, how much home loan can you availmay help you decide the type of house you can afford to buy.

The time factor

Furniture and household essentials are a tough buy. It requires endless shopping cycles to furnish a home for a comfortable living. So, a furnished apartment saves you the hassle when you are in a time crunch.

You save additional time with a furnished home by eliminating the hassle of packing, shifting, and unpacking furniture from your previous pad. As a bonus, you save expenses on movers and packers.

Control or no control over home décor

A furnished apartment leaves little-to-no choice in terms of design and furniture. As a result, you get restricted in your décor choices. And, ideally, all the furniture and accessories are already in the best possible placements. So, if you happen to be an interior design fanatic, then a furnished apartment is not for you.

On the contrary, an unfurnished apartment gives you the freedom to splash your style and customize the blank canvas. It may come at a cost, but financial aid at attractive home loan interest rates can help you here.

Moreover, such loans have simple home loan eligibility criteria, which you can easily meet.

If you are unsure whether you qualify for low-interest housing finance, a helpful tool called the home loan eligibility calculator can be convenient to check your eligibility beforehand.

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“Furnished” is a varying term

When we speak of a furnished space, there are no set standards to measure the quality. A furnished home may or may not have a sofa and TV in the living space, or a modular kitchen with crockery and appliances. 

Therefore, you may end up needing your old furniture or buying new ones to fill the vacant spaces in a “furnished” apartment as well. Besides, the builders/developers usually place substandard furnishings meant for superficial appearance.

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Final thoughts

Now you are ready to make a well-informed choice between buying a furnished and an unfurnished apartment.

For managing finances for the same, lending institutions, provide lucrative housing finance. Before applying, it is recommended you use an online EMI calculator for home loans to estimate potential monthly instalments.

Whichever of the two you select, you can always rely on Tata Capital to assist with financial aid at enticing home loan interest rates.

Our product offerings will allow you to arrive at a profitable solution at the earliest. Our online home loan EMI calculator can also be a handy tool. Use our home loan calculator to make an informed choice regarding the loan tenure, amount, and monthly instalments. Acquire the best offers by getting in touch with us today!

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