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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Home > Investment Lessons Every Father Teaches: Father’s Day Special

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Investment Lessons Every Father Teaches: Father’s Day Special

Investment Lessons Every Father Teaches: Father’s Day Special

For numerous worldly matters, there is no better guide than the father, especially when it comes to finances. Having walked the narrow path before his children, the father’s advice on financial disciplines beats the lectures of a thousand schoolmasters.

What better day to recall and start applying those wise pearls of wisdom than Father’s Day? Let’s take a walk down memory lane and revisit some investment lessons from our fathers.

#1 The importance of earning money

The first lesson is money management. When you received your first pocket money for helping with basic household chores or walking your pet, you learnt about earning money and financial independence.

#2 There are no substitutes for saving

The second lesson is saving for future expenses. Remember when your father gave you a piggy bank and asked you to save for the gaming console you desperately wanted? That was the first time you saved.

Savings help you create a cushion to deal with unexpected financial crises. Besides, you are also prepared for bigger purchases, such as a property via a home loan

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#3 The value of budgeting or financial planning

The third lesson is budgeting and financial planning. When you were young, your parents asked you to give a detailed account of how you spent the previous month’s pocket money.

The purpose was to teach you to manage finances and check your affordability before spending. It is much like using a home loan EMI calculator to compute EMIs and interest before applying for housing finance.

#4 Skip unimportant expenses and spend on what matters.

Another important lesson fathers taught was to distinguish necessary expenses from avoidable ones. So, when it comes to big financial goals, it is all about setting priorities. One such example could be purchasing a home at a young age, which becomes a precious asset whose value appreciates with time.

And to fulfil the dream of owning a home, you must repay bills and settle dues timely. Why? It will help you keep your credit history debt-free, and you will easily fulfil any home loan eligibility criteria.

#5 The importance of a spot-free credit history

Easy housing loan options can support a home purchase. However, wise dads never forget to remind their children that the bigger the goal, the bigger must be the commitment.

So a final lesson can be– the importance of repaying the loan on time. By timely closing a loan, you maintain a high credit score and easily qualify for future loans. Furthermore, with an excellent credit score, you can secure competitive home loan interest rates.

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Time to put your father’s investment lessons into practice? Start early and invest in your dream home using housing finance. Compare lenders and choose the one offering competitive home loan interest rates, repay your EMIs on time, and make your father proud.

Let Tata Capital accompany you on your journey to buying the property of your dreams. Enjoy housing finance with attractive interest rates, comfortable repayment options, flexible loan tenures, quick processing, and swift disbursals.

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