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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Home > How Can a Green Home Make You Financially Sustainable?

Loan for Home

How Can a Green Home Make You Financially Sustainable?

How Can a Green Home Make You Financially Sustainable?

Do you know that buildings account for almost 40% of India’s total energy consumption? And, what’s more, over 60% of all the buildings built in the country are residential projects. These projects play a significant role in the degradation of our environment and the depletion of valuable resources. Green homes aim to undo some of this damage, and they are becoming increasingly popular, especially among young homeowners.

So much so, that many lenders are now starting to offer green home loans.

In addition to the environmental benefits, a green home or an eco-friendly house offers several financial perks. Some of these benefits are listed below.

Savings on utility bills

Homes that incorporate green solutions can help you save on operational costs like electricity and water bills. These homes have solar panels installed, so you do not have to rely on costly conventional energy for your electricity needs, especially in the summer months when consumption usually runs high. The design of these homes is such that they let in a lot of natural light, so you do not have to waste power on artificial lights during the day.

Most of these houses have a rainwater harvesting apparatus installed. Some of these homes even have composting toilets to conserve water. Or, there could be a tank that collects wastewater from the kitchen sink, the bathroom sink, and other runoff water, so that freshwater need not be used in the toilets.

These savings may not look like much, but you must consider that these are operational costs, which means that these costs are incurred every day, for as long as the house/building is in use. Therefore, in the long run, these green solutions can save you a lot of money and make you financially sustainable.

To cushion the blow of high initial investment, you can take on a green-house loan. And over time, these cumulative savings will make it easier for you to pay your EMIs.

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Higher resale value

Green solutions can increase the home’s resale value considerably. Because of all the benefits of green homes, they appeal to new homebuyers, especially among the younger generation. All the savings that these houses allow for entice prospective buyers. The availability of green mortgage lenders has also made these homes a lucrative option.

Are you looking for a home loan to help finance your green dream home? If yes, then Tata Capital is the right lender for you.

We offer a wide variety of repayment options and attractive home loan interest rates. At Tata Capital, you can apply for a loan with minimal documentation and without any hassle.

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Thanks to our flexible home loan eligibility criteria, the easy application process, and guaranteed after-sales support, we have served over 15 lakh customers over the years.

To learn more about our customised loan products, and to use our online home loan EMI calculator, visit our website today.

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