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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Home > Easy Guide on How to Make the Most of the ₹30 Lakh Home Loan EMI Calculator for Planned Repayment

Loan for Home

Easy Guide on How to Make the Most of the ₹30 Lakh Home Loan EMI Calculator for Planned Repayment

Easy Guide on How to Make the Most of the ₹30 Lakh Home Loan EMI Calculator for Planned Repayment

Homeownership is a beautiful journey, and for many, it starts with securing a home loan. In India, almost 3.3% of the population has a home loan with an average token amount of up to Rs. 30 lakhs. The right home loan brings you closer to your dream by providing the financial support you need. However, you must also be mindful of the repayment.

Knowing your potential monthly EMI amount helps you plan your finances and prepare monthly budgets comfortably. In this blog, we’ll help you plan the repayment of a Rs. 30 lakh home loan smartly using an EMI calculator.  

What is an EMI calculator?

An EMI helps you determine your monthly home loan EMIs. It is an online tool that calculates the amount based on your principal amount, interest rate, and loan tenure. Knowing your EMI amount in advance allows you to customize the loan and plan your finances to fit your budget. 

Before we understand how the EMI calculator works, let’s look at the formula lenders use to determine your potential loan installments.

Calculating your 30 lakh home loan EMI

The lender calculates your EMI using this mathematical formula:

EMI = [P x r x (1+r) ^n]/[(1+r) ^n-1]


-P stands for the principal amount

-r stands for rate of interest, and

-n stands for your loan tenure in months, which is the number of times you will pay the EMI

Let’s take an example to understand how this formula works. Suppose you take a home loan of Rs. 30 lakhs at an interest rate of 10% for 20 years, which is 240 months. Based on this, your home loan EMI will be determined as follows:

EMI = [3000000 x 10 x (1+10) ^240]/[(1+10) ^240-1] = 28951

This means your Rs. 30 lakh home loan EMI for 20 years will be Rs. 28,951.

How does a home loan EMI calculator work?

Calculating your EMIs manually can be daunting. It is time-consuming and prone to errors. This is why most lenders offer an easy-to-use online EMI calculator to help you get the results instantly. With an online calculator, all you need to do is enter your principal amount, interest rate, and tenure to know precisely what your monthly EMI payment will be.

The EMI calculator is accurate, quick, and precise. Additionally, it eliminates the stress of complex mathematical calculations, allowing you to experiment with different combinations to arrive at a desired amount.

A step-by-step guide to using the EMI calculator

EMI calculators are simple and quick to use. All you need to do is follow these five easy steps to calculate your EMI installments successfully:

1. Visit your lender’s official website and navigate to the home loan EMI calculator page

2. Enter your desired loan/principal amount

3. Enter the rate of interest

4. Select the tenure in years or months

5. Click on ‘Calculate’

The EMI calculator will generate the results instantly. You can also run the calculations multiple times by providing different loan durations and interest rates offered by various lenders. This will help you select the option that best fits your budget.

Benefits of using an EMI calculator

#1 Convenient and user-friendly

EMI calculators are user-friendly. This means you don’t need any technical knowledge to use them. Plus, as it is an online tool, you do not need to physically visit your lender to know your EMI options. You can compare different options on your phone or laptop anytime and anywhere.

#2 Helps you select a tenure

With an EMI calculator, you can easily select a loan duration that best suits your needs and financial situation. By comparing various loan durations and the EMIs you would have to pay in each case, you can determine the plan that allows you to repay the loan comfortably.

Let’s use the Tata Capital home loan EMI Calculator to compare different EMI amounts for three different durations to understand this better.

In this table, we have computed the EMI payments for three different loan tenures using a 30 lakh loan EMI calculator with a 10% interest rate.

Principal AmountRate of InterestTenure/Loan Duration (in years)Monthly EMI
Rs. 30,00,00010%10Rs. 39,645
Rs. 30,00,00010%20Rs. 28,951
Rs. 30,00,00010%30Rs. 26,327

This table shows that the longer your loan duration, the smaller the EMI amount you pay. However, suppose your current financial situation allows you to set aside a significant portion of your monthly income toward your EMI payments. In that case, you can select a shorter tenure to repay your home loan.

#3 Compare loan offers

Different lenders have different loan terms. The most significant term to consider is the home loan interest rate offered. You can use the EMI calculator to determine your potential EMIs at different interest rates. This helps you select the most comfortable option based on your repayment capability.

#4 Aids financial planning

Before deciding to avail of a home loan, you must consider its impact on your monthly budget and overall finances. The EMI calculator gives you the estimated amount you would have to set aside for your loan repayment every month. This knowledge allows you to prepare and plan your monthly budget accordingly.

To sum up

Getting a home loan is a big decision. An EMI calculator helps you make informed choices by telling you exactly how much you would have to spend every month to repay your loan.

Now that we have explored how an EMI calculator works, all that remains is selecting the best home loan in the market. With Tata Capital, you get an easy-to-apply, convenient home loan at the most competitive interest rates in the market. What’s more? We offer customizable repayment schedules that allow you to choose between standard and flexible EMI options based on your preference.

It’s time to take a step towards owning your dream home. Visit our website to learn more about Tata Capital’s home loans and apply today.

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