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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Home > Different Types of Bungalows Available in India

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Different Types of Bungalows Available in India

Different Types of Bungalows Available in India

When it comes to housing, India has something to offer to everyone – couples, small families, large families, senior citizens, you name it! But coming to a purchase decision? That requires a lot of planning and consideration. You need to think about the property size, accessibility, location and most importantly, the property type.

Wondering which type of property will suit your requirements? Let us have a look at the different types of houses available in India. 

Apartments or flats

An apartment is a multi-storied building, where each level has discrete housing units called flats. A typical Indian flat is designed to have a bedroom, living room (hall), a kitchen, a toilet, and a bathroom. Depending on the number of bedrooms, they are labelled 1BHK, 2BHK, and so on.

Flats also provide better privacy and are ideal options for nuclear families or couples. They are also a good option for homeowners looking to finance their purchase with a home loan

Housing complexes or societies

A housing society is a gated society with apartment buildings or houses and community facilities such as swimming pools, parks, gyms, etc. All residents of a society have to pay a society maintenance charge governed by rules put in place by a committee of residents.  

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Farmhouses are not living spaces per se but alternate houses designed for leisure and are usually located on the outskirts of urban areas. Some families may choose to collectively invest in a farmhouse or buy a plot of land and then construct it under their supervision. Since such properties are usually on the steeper side, you may need a housing loanto finance the purchase, should you opt for it.


A bungalow in India is an independent single-storied house, typically, family-owned establishments in urban and semi-urban areas. These are the perfect picturesque housing units for a small family. 


A penthouse is a luxury living space usually located on the topmost floor of a large apartment. It is more expensive than any other part of the building because of its design, exclusive facilities, large carpet areas, and high ceilings. However, penthouses are typically high-end investments, so you may need to rely on home finance.

Luckily, if you boast a good credit history, many lenders are willing to extend loans at competitive home loan interest rates.

Studio Flats

A studio flat is similar in structure to a flat but lacks clear divisions between rooms. The small carpet area of a studio flat and the fused living spaces can be challenging. These flats are affordable and well-suited for bachelors who like cosy homes. 

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To sum up

Whether big or small, expansive or compact, lavish or affordable - your home is your own. If owning a home is your dream, Tata Capital offers competitive interest rates, starting at just 10.99%. Want to know more about how a loan can fit into your budget? Our home loan EMI calculator can help.

So pull up your socks, grab some coffee and start planning for your dream home. Check out our home loan eligibility criteria here.

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