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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Home > Differences Between 1 RK and 1 BHK Apartments

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Differences Between 1 RK and 1 BHK Apartments

Differences Between 1 RK and 1 BHK Apartments

Searching for a new apartment in India? You must have come across some real estate terms like “1 BHK vs 1 RK” in property listings. These terminologies refer to the space provided in an apartment. Decoding these abbreviations is key to avoiding a mismatched choice and picking the ideal home for your needs. 

This guide will demystify the meanings and differences of a 1 BHK vs 1 RK apartment and how you can decide which one suits your needs the best. 

Understanding 1 RK apartments

Before understanding the difference between 1 BHK vs 1 RK, it is essential to understand the meaning of these basic terms. 1 RK stands for "room, kitchen" and refers to a studio apartment-style layout with only one main room and a separate kitchen. The main room combines the living room, bedroom and dining area into a single space without partitions. Here are some key features of 1 RK apartments:

1. Size: 1 RK apartments are typically small with a carpet area of 250 sq ft.- 450 sq ft. The compact all-in-one room design allows for optimal use of the limited space available.

2. Layout: As there are no internal partitions, the single room must accommodate sleeping, living and dining functions together. The kitchen is a separate enclosure accessible from the main room. There is also an attached bathroom to the room.

3. Occupancy: 1 RK unit is ideal for single professionals, students or couples looking for starter homes. The cosy studio layout is best suited for 1-2 occupants.

4. Customisation: Tenants can get creative and use curtains, screens or movable cabinets to divide sleeping and living areas within one room. 

5. Price: Due to their small size, 1 RK apartments are the most affordable rental options, making them popular among young working professionals. Sale prices for 1 RK properties are usually cheaper than 1 BHK.

Understanding 1 BHK apartments

In contrast to RK, BHK stands for "bedroom, hall, kitchen" referring to an apartment with one separate bedroom, a living/dining room area and a kitchen. This room layout provides more space and privacy. Here are the differentials of 1 BHK vs 1 RK apartments:

1. Size: 1 BHK apartments are larger than RKs, typically spanning 400 Sq.ft to 695 Sq.ft of area. The additional bedroom provides more spacious and flexible living.

2. Layout: The separate bedroom, hall and kitchen allow for privacy as well as segregated spaces for different functions like sleeping, cooking, entertaining, etc. Some units may have an attached bathroom with the bedroom while others have a common bathroom outside.

3. Occupancy: The bedroom partitioning suits the needs of small families compared to 1 RK apartments, which provide smaller living spaces. 

4. Customisation: Tenants can decorate the divided spaces as per their lifestyle needs with the three separate enclosures offering more potential for minor renovations.

5. Price: When comparing a 1 BHK vs 1 RK apartment, the extra investment for a 1 BHK unit gets you significantly more space, privacy and room flexibility over the more compact and basic 1 RK configuration.

Key differences between 1 BHK vs 1 RK apartments

Below are the main differences between a 1 BHK and 1 RK apartment:

Feature1 BHK1 RK
Number of roomsA living room, a bedroom, and a kitchen1 room and 1 kitchen
SpaceMore spaciousGenerally compact
CostRelatively higher costMore affordable
Furniture placementMore options for furniture layoutLimited space for furniture arrangement
Living roomSeparate from bedroomCombined with bedroom
KitchenSeparate kitchen spaceUsually combined with living room/bedroom

1 RK vs 1 BHK: which one is better?

Deciding between a 1 RK vs 1 BHK apartment depends on carefully evaluating your priorities across several key parameters:

1. Budget: When evaluating 1 BHK vs 1 RK in terms of budget, 1 RK units provide much greater rental value in many cities. In comparison, monthly rentals for 1 BHK apartment are typically higher. The significantly lower rental cost for 1 RK makes it the affordable choice for budget-focused individuals and couples. 

2. Duration of stay: The duration of your stay plays a vital role in deciding between a 1 BHK vs 1 RK apartment. For short stays of a few months like a project assignment or internship, a compact 1 RK proves cost-effective. But if you're looking for at least 2-3 years of comfortable living, 1 BHK is better to accommodate your lifestyle over time. 

3. Future plans: Another aspect, when considering a 1 BHK vs 1 RK apartment is your foreseeable future housing needs. 1 RK units are the easiest to maintain if you anticipate being highly mobile. But if you plan to start a family, it is wiser to invest in a 1 BHK now that gives you scope to accommodate your expanding needs over time.

5. Customisation options: The room divisions are another factor to evaluate between 1 BHK vs 1 RK apartments. 1 BHK allow greater flexibility to customise the property as per your lifestyle by renovating and furnishing each enclosure differently. RKs permit limited modifications given the single open room. 

Wrapping up

Deciding between a 1 BHK vs 1 RK apartment requires finding the right balance between budget, space and functionality that aligns with your lifestyle priorities. While 1 RK units provide maximum affordability and efficiency of space for singles or couples, 1 BHK layouts offer the extra benefit of privacy and flexibility in segregated rooms for a higher investment. Carefully evaluate your current and future housing needs and budget to determine your final choice.

Once you have decided on the ideal apartment configuration for your needs, explore financing options to turn the dream of home ownership into reality. With Tata Capital, you can avail of customised home loan solutions with easy paperwork, swift processing and attractive interest rates. Use our home loan EMI calculator to get an idea about the loan amount and monthly payouts that suit your budget. With the right home loan supporting your purchase, you can seamlessly realise your goal of owning your perfect 1 RK or 1 BHK home.

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