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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Education > Ivy League Education on Your Mind? America has the Answer

Loan for Education

Ivy League Education on Your Mind? America has the Answer

Ivy League Education on Your Mind? America has the Answer

An Ivy League education holds a lot of power. This is what so many students dream of; to get a degree from the United States of America. After all, it can be the gateway to the world of opportunities.

America is known to be home to some of the best universities and colleges. Students from across the world try their best to get into these universities. And why shouldn’t they? If you, too, are planning your further education, then America can be the place for you. While you are planning for your subjects, you should also plan to fund your education. To know more about funding your education, NBFCs like Tata Capital can help, click here to know more about their education loan.

So which colleges should you consider? Well here are the best of the best:

1. Harvard University:–

One of the oldest and the best, the prestigious Harvard University offers a variety of courses ranging from business administration, management, social sciences, mathematics, biological sciences, and history, amongst many others. One of the most popular courses at Harvard University is the MBA. Their MBA is one of the best in the world and opens new avenues and immense career opportunities. You need a score of 730 and above in GMAT and a score above 100 in TOEFL to be eligible. The tuition fee, lodging, boarding, study material expenses and miscellaneous expenses come up to around a good INR 1 crore for a two-year resident MBA course. An education loan from financial institutions like Tata Capital can be your answer for financing this course at one of America’s best university. Do check your educational loan eligibility before applying for the loan. Click here to know more

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2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT):–

When it comes to STEM subjects, MIT is considered amongst the best. STEM subjects include science, technology, engineering and maths. These streams continue to be amongst the highest paying and in demand.So many students aim to study at MIT and acquire these valuable skills. An undergraduate course at MIT would span across four years, while a graduate course duration is two years. Like Harvard and other top-ranked universities in the USA, MIT expects a score of an average GRE score of 162 in the verbal section and 167 in quant section and a TOEFL score above 100 to be eligible. STEM courses are very expensive and in addition, MIT’s premium stature costs you a whopping 95 lakhs to 1 crore to study there. But don’t let the costs bog you down. You can easily cover your complete study expenditure under your personal loan for education. Click here if you wish to apply

3. Columbia University:-

Situated in New York, Columbia University is one of the best places to study if you wish to pursue liberal arts, mass communication or journalism. Like most universities, you will have to have good scores. What Columbia also looks for is a good application letter. Highlight your extracurricular activities as this will definitely give you more points. But Columbia University can be expensive. Make sure you plan all the additional expenses that you may come across while availing an education loan. You can get more information on education loan here.

4. Princeton University:-

If you are looking for an elite institute, Princeton is the answer. You will have to score at least a 325 or 340 in your GRE, with your IELTS or TOEFL score. Princeton can be expensive if you do apply and get admission there. Your education loan can help you with all the costs that will be incurred while you are studying at Princeton. When you do apply for your loan for education, make sure you budget all the costs that will be incurred during your time there. You can click here to apply for an education loan or to know more.

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America is full of really good universities. But as education comes with a cost you should be prepared to bear them all. Your education loan will be able to take care of all these expenses so that you do not find yourself in a fix when the time comes.

These prestigious institutions will boost your career to great heights. Once you start working, you can easily pay off your education loan. Before you apply for the loan, make sure you have the requisite education loan documents for hassle-free and quick processing loan process. Click here to apply now.

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