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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Education > Additional Degrees That Will Enhance Your Resume

Loan for Education

Additional Degrees That Will Enhance Your Resume

Additional Degrees That Will Enhance Your Resume

An increasing number of professionals are seeking additional degrees due to the changing needs of the industry. Several individuals opt for pursuing further studies to learn new skills that improve their employability.

Why do professionals choose to procure additional qualifications? Some of the reasons are, to gain eligibility for promotion, pursue an interest or make a career shift. Individuals may opt for additional degrees or complete certification courses.

Here are five options that a person may consider.

1. Master’s degrees

Such programs offer students specialization in their area of interest. Generally, the duration of master’s degrees is one to two years. If an individual wants to pursue a degree in a foreign college, it is important to check the requirements to gain admission. Generally, pursuing an international master’s degree is expensive. One option to fund the course is an education loan.

2. Doctoral degrees

Also known as Ph.D., doctoral degrees are one of the most advanced higher education programs. Applicants usually need to hold a master’s degree to pursue this degree. Completing a doctoral degree requires a few years and students may need to finish a dissertation or major research project. Successful candidates may work as experts in business and research areas or may pursue a teaching career. Most professionals who want to pursue a doctoral degree in a foreign college choose education loans to fund their education.

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3. Project management

Project managers are professionals who oversee the completion of a project in a timely manner and within the given budget. In addition to information technology (IT), project managers work in several sectors, such as healthcare, construction, and engineering. Individuals may choose an online project management program and fund it using a personal loan.

4. Actuary

A person working in finance, mathematics, or statistics may consider pursuing an actuary certification course. The demand for such professionals has been rising in the last few years. Actuaries are responsible for analyzing risk and uncertainty costs and often work in financial companies or with insurers. Generally, individuals need to pass certain examinations to acquire such certification.

5. Process management

Such professionals keep checks on the processes and workflows to identify any bottlenecks. In the case of any issues, they reorganize the processes and implement these to improve operational efficiencies. These certifications may be completed online and often require clearing an examination. Individuals may consider using personal loans to pay the expenses of acquiring process management certification.

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While contemplating additional degrees to enhance career prospects, it is important for individuals to make the right choice. It is advisable to opt for a course that teaches them their desired skills. Most of these higher education programs are rigorous and require putting in plenty of time and efforts as well as money. A person must do thorough research before making any decision.

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