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Tata Capital > Blog > Equipment Lease > Does Credit Score really matter when it comes to leasing equipment?

Equipment Lease

Does Credit Score really matter when it comes to leasing equipment?

Does Credit Score really matter when it comes to leasing equipment?

Equipment is a critical component of every business. Whether it is a restaurant business or a construction company that requires heavy machinery or an office that needs computers, copiers, and fax machines to execute day to day operations, equipment is essential. Business equipment can be acquired by purchasing new equipment outright, buying it through equipment financing, or leasing it from leasing companies.

Buying equipment for a business is a huge commitment, especially if a company is just starting up. In contrast, leasing equipment allows entrepreneurs to lease short-term assets or long-term machinery without investing enormous capital upfront.

Leasing is an attractive option for many reasons. First, obtaining a loan to purchase equipment may not be feasible if the borrower can’t pay the down payment. Second, leasing is a cost-effective means to finance short-term equipment where the equipment can become obsolete over some time. So leasing is also a good option for businesses that require frequent upgrades with the latest technological advancements. Thirdly, leasing offers businesses the flexibility to use the equipment and earn returns without investing large sums of money upfront. Like any borrowing, the borrower’s credit score plays a vital role in accessing financing at competitive terms in leasing.

Good credit score and leasing

When a financing company considers an equipment lease application, they examine it for indicators to show that the business is creditworthy. A primary factor lenders check is the credit score that reflects the borrower’s credit history and repayment trend. The better the credit score, the less risk the borrower poses to the equipment leasing company. A high score reflects that the business has made timely repayments and honoured past loan service obligations meticulously.

If the borrower has a good credit score, the approval process for the equipment lease is simplified with a faster turnaround time. A good credit score can help borrowers negotiate better financing terms as the risk of non-payment is reduced. Tata Capital offers seamless equipment finance and leasing solutions to help businesses improve ROI and steadily invest in their growth.

However, a credit score is not the only parameter evaluated by underwriters during credit assessment.

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Parameters besides the credit score

If other business performance metrics are strong, a business can still lease equipment with an average credit score. Leasing companies also consider other factors like turnover growth, profitability, cash flow position, overall net worth, market position, industry trends and more while evaluating a leasing application. While a good credit score helps, lenders look at a holistic risk assessment and the borrower’s integrity before sanctioning lease applications.

Equipment Leasing

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Equipment leasing can build a credit score.

Like interest on loans and EMIs, timely payment of lease interest and rentals can help businesses build credit scores. If companies make lease payments on time, the credit score will reflect that positive credit behaviour. Interest payment history and timely servicing of loans are essential factors considered in credit score calculations. On-time payments will go a long way to help businesses improve their credit score.

Equipment leasing is a cost-effective means of borrowing with an option of buying the equipment post the lease tenure. Leasing is an apt solution for industries like healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, restaurants, and construction, relying heavily on costly equipment and the latest technology.

While maintaining a good credit score helps access competitive leasing solutions, it is not the only metric assessed by lenders. Strong business fundamentals, good reputation of the senior management, higher market share amidst competition, strong supply chain partners and relationships are the many other variables that lenders consider while approving lease applications.

At Tata Capital, we do comprehensive due diligence to empower creditworthy businesses to access the latest financial offerings at competitive rates. Reach out to our leasing teams to know more about our leasing solutions and your eligibility.

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