Every time a snazzy smartphone is in the offing, the internet is flooded with queries from inquisitive netizens about what new things the device is going to offer. If you have already Googled to know more about the much-awaited Honor 9X smartphone, you are clearly not the only one. Rumoured to be equipped with a triple camera, it is one of the most hyped phones at the moment, all set for its launch on July 23. Read on to know what you can expect from this latest phone which has been regularly making the news.

Triple camera

The most important feature of the Honor 9X, a sub-brand of Huawei, is the rumoured triple-rear camera, which allows you to click high-quality pictures from different angles. Even though the specifications of the phone are yet to be announced, tech circles are abuzz with the news that Honor 9X will have a 24MP primary camera along with another camera of 8MP and a depth sensor of 2MP. But what seals the deal is a 20MP front camera which promises a treat for selfie enthusiasts. Interested buyers have already started to explore consumer durable loan options from different lenders.

Display and battery

If you are looking for a phone which should have a stellar display as a feature, it’s likely that Honor 9X will match your requirements. According to leaks on the internet, the device will come with a 6.5 to 6.7-inch LCD screen, which can be safely termed as an enviable display. Similarly, the battery of the smartphone is speculated to be of 3,750 mAh along with an additional facility of 10W charging.


Honor 9X is expected to be super fast, relying on a Kirin HiSilicon 810 SoC processor. The very fact that this is among one of the fastest processors currently used in smartphones, which means that you can now engage in multiple tasks on the phone, without having to worry about the device getting slow or hung. The rumoured speed of the processor is another reason why this phone has become so popular already before its official launch.


The expected price of the phone in India is quite economical with market experts putting it around Rs. 19,000, which will mean that Honor 9X will be affordable. If you haven’t saved for the phone or if at all you do not want to dig into your savings at once, you can still own the phone by opting for a consumer durable loan.

Even though it is being initially launched in China, the curiosity surrounding it in India gives a hint that it will strike a chord with the public here as well. To own this next generation phone, you can always apply for a consumer durable loan for easy and quick financing.

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