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Personal Loan for Doctors

Personal Loan for Doctors

A Personal Loan for Doctors has no end-use restrictions, requires no collateral, and comes with longer tenures, making it the perfect solution to meet your financial goals stress-free. If you are a doctor looking for a way out of a cash crunch, let Tata Capital ease your financial pains! Get an instant personal loan within a few minutes.

With our easy-to-meet eligibility requirements for doctors, you can get approval in a matter of days! So, why look anywhere else? No matter what curve balls life throws at you, you can always depend on Tata Capital's purposefully crafted personal loans for doctors!

Whether you want to pay off your dues, buy high-end medical equipment, or fund the renovation of your clinic, a personal loan can take the load off your shoulders. Starting at just 10.99%, our doctor loan comes with a customizable repayment tenure and relaxed eligibility criteria. 

Features of Personal Loans for Doctors

Trustworthy lending institution

There are very few brands as trusted as Tata Capital within the country. Our team of financial experts listen and customise a personal loan based on your needs. Feel free to come to us with the amount you require and the tenure you are comfortable with, and watch us mould our offering accordingly.

Attractive interest rates

At Tata Capital, a doctor’s personal loan interest rate starts at just 10.99%, which is one of the lowest within the industry. So, why pay more when you can avail of quick funds at an affordable rate?

Minimal processing fee

We charge a one-time nominal processing fee, which can go up to a maximum of 2.75% plus GST. This charge can vary depending on your eligibility, and we will inform you of the final amount before you sign on the dotted line.

Free pre-payment after 6 months

A doctor loan comes with a free pre-payment facility, meaning you can repay your entire loan before tenure maturity. We only ask for a 6-month period where pre-payment is allowed with a nominal penalty. 

No collateral required

At Tata Capital, loans for doctors come without pledging any collateral. All you need is a healthy CIBIL score and income stability for approval. Anyway, as a medical professional, you won’t find it hard to fit within our relaxed eligibility criteria. 

Overdraft facility

If your EMI is getting a tad heavy for your pocket during the initial years of taking the loan, fret not! Instead, switch to our overdraft feature. Here, you are required to pay only the interest amount on the funds availed for 2 years. After this duration, you can start repaying the complete EMI (principal + interest) for 5 years. 

Comfortable tenures

We offer Personal Loans for Doctors with tenures that go up to 6 years. Now opt for longer tenures and repay your persona loan EMIs comfortably. This way, you don’t need to radically alter your lifestyle to make monthly installments on time.

Eligibility criteria for Personal Loan for Doctors?

Make the most of our relaxed personal loan eligibility criteria and get the funds you need. Check out the list below to know whether you fit the bill:

  • You must be between 22 and 58 years of age.

  • You must have a documented monthly income of at least Rs. 15,000.

  • You must have at least a year-long work experience.

With a doctor loan eligibility criteria as relaxed as this, applying for a personal loan online or offline with us is a breeze.