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Two Wheeler Insurance Plans



Tata AIG Auto Secure 2-Wheeler Package Policy

  • Transfer of No Claim Bonus (NCB)
  • Quick Claim Settlement
  • Zero Depreciation Cover
  • Personal Accident Cover for Pillion Rider


Two-Wheeler Package Policy

  • Transfer of No Claim Bonus (NCB)

  • Quick Claim Settlement
  • Zero Depreciation Cover


Tata AIG Liability only Policy

  • Mandatory cover for all vehicles
  • Covers third party damage
  • Provides cover for Death or bodily injury to third party
  • Can be taken for private car, two-wheeler & commercial vehicles also

Two Wheeler Insurance

Your need for speed maybe big or small; but your bike protection policy must always be extensive. Two-wheeler insurance, also referred as bike insurance or motorcycle insurance, helps protect against loss due to accident, theft or natural calamity. Now speed away responsibly and stress free.

Disclaimer: Tata Capital Limited (“TCL”) bearing License no. CA0896 valid till 21-Jan-2027, acts as a Composite Corporate Agent for TATA AIA Life Insurance Company Limited, HDFC Life Insurance Company Limited, BAJAJ Allianz Life Insurance Company Limited, Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance Company limited, TATA AIG General Insurance Company Limited,  IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Company Limited & Star Health and Allied Insurance Co Ltd. Please note that, TCL does not underwrite the risk or act as an insurer. For more details on the risk factors, terms & conditions please read sales brochure carefully of the Insurance Company before concluding the sale. Participation to buy insurance is purely voluntary.

The Registered office of TCL is Tata Capital Limited, 11th Floor, Tower A, Peninsula Business Park, Ganpatrao Kadam, Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai-400013

What is Two-Wheeler Insurance

Bike insurance or two-wheeler insurance is an insurance policy that covers you against damages to your two-wheeler due to accidents, natural/man-made disasters, fire, and theft. The policy also provides coverage against bike-related third-party liabilities such as damage to another person’s vehicle/property or injuries/death of a third party. You can buy insurance for 2 wheelers to cover motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, etc.

When you buy bike insurance online through our smartphone app or website, you can choose from different bike insurance plans based on your requirements and insure your bike within minutes. Also, you get instant two-wheeler insurance quotes to know the premium and plan your purchase. In the case of a Comprehensive Policy, you can choose a suitable Insured Declared Value (sum insured) from the given range.

Third-party two-wheeler insurance rates are revised in accordance with the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) circular dated 01 June 2022.

Key Features and Benefits of Two wheeler Insurance

  • Protection against natural disasters

    Having your two-wheeler insured will protect you from the expenses incurred due to damage sustained by your vehicle in case of natural disasters like flood and earthquake, to name a few.

  • Protection against non-natural incidents

    Having two-wheeler insurance also covers you against loss and damage due to theft, strike, burglary or war.

  • Legal liabilities

    In case of a third party being involved in an accident with your two-wheeler, there are bound to be legal liabilities. Third-party insurance, which is mandatory with two-wheeler insurance, protects you against any third-party liability arising due to an accident.

  • Other benefits

    Buying a two-wheeler insurance policy and renewing it regularly and on time makes you eligible for specific discounts such as No Claim Bonus (NCB). NCB is the bonus you earn for every claimless year of your insurance. In other words, it is the benefit given by the insurance provider for safe driving and maintenance of your vehicle. At the time of renewal of your two-wheeler insurance, the higher the NCB, the lower will be your insurance premium.


  • Cashless claim

    This is one of the major benefits of having a two-wheeler insurance policy. You can get your damaged two-wheeler at any of the network garages affiliated with your insurance provider. The bills for those repairs will be settled between the garage and the insurance provider. You need not arrange funds for the repairs.

  • Insurance cover for personal accident

    Insurance cover for personal accident has been another regular feature of the two-wheeler insurance policy and it provided coverage for the rider against any injury resulting from an accident. While it is not mandatory to buy this cover with a two-wheeler insurance policy, having this cover is mandatory as per the law. So, it makes sense to avail of this benefit. If you already have a personal accident cover from an existing vehicle, you need not repurchase this cover when you purchase a new two-wheeler.

  • Note* The features above may or may not reflect in the plans sourced by our corporate agents. Please check our plans and their features to know more.

Types of Two Wheeler Insurance

Types of Two Wheeler Insurance

In India, two-wheeler insurance policy types are Third-party liability insurance and comprehensive insurance.  

  • Third-party liability insurance offers a basic cover; it protects against damages caused to the third-party bodily injuries and damages to their vehicle.

Types of Two Wheeler Insurance

In India, two-wheeler insurance policy types are Third-party liability insurance and comprehensive insurance.  

  • A comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy covers damage caused to third-party as well as own damage. Own damage incidents could be natural calamities, burglary, theft, riots or terrorist activity or damage caused during travel. The comprehensive two-wheeler policy does not offer protection if there is a loss of personal belongings, accidental loss or damage to the vehicle if you’re under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Common add-ons in two-wheeler insurance

Roadside assistance cover

If your bike gets stuck in the middle of nowhere due to mechanical problem or empty fuel tank, etc. you can avail roadside assistance and get paid for service in return.

Cover for loss / theft of key

There may be situations wherein your keys get stolen or it may get replaced, the add-on cover for key replacement will help you immediately. The cost of replacement key will be incurred by the insurer.

Zero depreciation

You are entitled to receive compensation for bike parts that may get damaged due an accident.

With so many options available, choose the right insurance cover can sometimes be challenging. It is therefore vital that you thoroughly compare the two-wheeler plans available in the market, as it will help you get sufficient protection, and save money.

What is covered in Two Wheeler Insurance

The following are covered in Two Wheeler Insurance

Bike Accident

Damages and losses that may arise due to an accident or collision

Bike Theft

Covers for your losses in case your two-wheeler is unfortunately stolen!


Damages and losses to your two-wheeler in case of an accidental fire!

Natural Disasters

Damages caused to your two-wheeler due to nature’s many furies, such as due to floods, cyclones, etc.

Personal Accident

Covers for your expenses in cases where you’ve hurt yourself too bad!

Third Party Losses

When a person, a vehicle or a property is hurt or damaged due to your bike's actions.

What is not covered in Two Wheeler Insurance

It is equally important to know what’s not covered in your two-wheeler insurance policy, so that there are no surprises when you make a claim. Here are some such situations:

Own Damages for Third-Party Policy holder

In the case of a Third-Party or Liability Only Bike Policy, damages to own vehicle won’t be covered. 

Drunk Riding or without a Licence

Your bike insurance won’t cover for you in situations where you were riding drunk or without a valid two-wheeler licence.

Driving without a valid Driving Licence holder

If you hold a learner’s licence and were riding your two-wheeler without a valid licence-holder on the pillion seat- then your claim in those situations won’t be covered.

Consequential Damages

Any damage which a direct result of the accident is not (e.g. after an accident, if the damaged two-wheeler is being used incorrectly and the engine gets damaged, it is considered as consequential damage and it will not be covered)

Contributory Negligence’s

Any contributory negligence (e.g. damage due to driving a two-wheeler in a flood, which is not recommended as per the manufacturer’s driving manual, will not be covered)

Add-ons not Bought

Some situations are covered in add-ons. If you haven’t bought those add-ons, the corresponding situations will not be covered.

Add-on Covers

Two-wheeler insurance add-ons are also usually available which you can buy with your Two-Wheeler insurance policy. Few of them includes

Zero Depreciation Cover

Think of it like an effective anti-ageing cream for your bike and its parts. Usually, the required depreciation amount is always taken in account during claims. However, a zero-depreciation cover ensures no depreciation is taken into consideration, so you get the full value of the cost of repair/replacement during claims.

Return to Invoice Cover

If you fall into a situation where your bike is stolen or damages beyond repair, this add-on comes in handy. With return to invoice add-on, we will cover the costs of getting you the same, or similar bike- including the road tax and registration fees for the same.

Engine & Gear-box Protection Cover

Do you know that the cost of replacing your engine is approximately 40% of its cost? In a standard two-wheeler insurance policy, only damages caused during the accident are covered. However, with this add-on, you can specifically also cover for the life of your vehicle (the engine and gearbox!) for any consequential damages caused post the accident. This could happen due to water regression, leakage of lubricating oil, and undercarriage damages.

Consumable Cover

Consumable cover adds an additional shield to your two-wheeler. Covers costs for all your bike’s nitty-gritties too, such as the engine oils, screws, nuts and bolts, grease, etc. in a situation of an accident.

Breakdown Assistance

The roadside assistance add-on ensures we’ll always be there for you and your two-wheeler in case of any breakdowns. The best part? Asking for our help doesn’t even count as a claim.

Tyre Protect

This add-on cover is offered only to vehicles fitted with run flat technology. As part of it, the cost of replacing damaged tyres with equivalent or near equivalent to the one being used in the vehicle, labour and wheel balancing charges can be reimbursed. However, claims made under the add-on cover is subject to conditions set forth under the vehicle insurance policy.

Daily Conveyance Benefit

This add-on cover, you will be compensated for your transportation cost during the period when two-wheeler is under repair subject to applicable time excess. However, it is applicable only if a claim for accidental damage is admitted under ‘Own Damage’ section of the insurance policy. A policyholder can be compensated in the form of fixed allowance per day or coupons from taxi operators from an amount equal to per day fixed allowance.

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