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Kanpiur circle rate detail

In the realm of real estate, the term "circle rate" holds significant importance. Circle rate is the minimum price at which a property can be bought or sold in a particular area. It acts as a benchmark for property transactions and is determined by the local government authorities. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the concept of circle rate in Kanpur, exploring its implications and providing valuable insights for potential property buyers and sellers.

Current Circle Rate List in Kanpur

The current circle rate list in Kanpur serves as a crucial reference point for property transactions. It is a comprehensive document that outlines the minimum rates for different types of properties in specific localities. The circle rates are periodically revised by the district administration to keep up with the changing market trends and property values. The latest circle rate list for Kanpur can be accessed from the official website of the Kanpur Development Authority (KDA) or the District Administration Office. It is essential for buyers and sellers to have a clear understanding of the current circle rates to ensure fair and legal property transactions.

The circle rates in Kanpur are categorized based on the type of property, such as residential, commercial, or agricultural. Within each category, further differentiations are made based on factors like location, amenities, and infrastructure facilities. It is important to note that the circle rates for residential properties are often higher in prime localities compared to upcoming or less-developed areas. By referring to the current circle rate list, buyers and sellers can assess the approximate value of a property and negotiate prices accordingly.

Here are the circle rates in Kanpur in 2024

Sarsaul village limit to Kanpur city limit Rs. 6,600
Rooma village limit to Sarsaul village limit Rs. 7,700
Ashrafabad Road Rs. 13,200
Lal Bangla Road Cantonment to Harjinder Nagar Chauraha Rs. 14,000
150 ft Road Jajmau Factory Area Rs. 16,500
Jajmau Ganga Pul to Ramadevi Chauraha Rs. 17,600
VIP Road Meghdoot Chauraha to Elgin Mill Chauraha Rs. 33,800
Nai Sadak Rs. 42,300
GT Road Rs. 55,000
Mall Road Rs. 66,500
Meston Road Rs. 66,500
Moolganj Chauraha to Ghanta Ghar - Halsey Road Rs. 66,500
P Road Rs. 66,500
Harbansh Mohal Road Rs. 66,500
Birhana Rs. 66,500
Ghantaghar Chauraha to Jareeb Chowki Chauraha Rs. 66,500

Circle rate for flats/apartments in multistorey buildings in Kanpur

To buy a flat or apartment in a multistorey building, individuals need to pay a higher circle because of the range of amenities available with the building. To calculate the circle rates for a multistorey property in Kanpur, use the formula below-

Circle Rate= (Part of the land ratio X Land cost) + (Flat area X Building Cost) + (Common area X Construction Cost)

Valuations for Amenities in Multistorey Buildings

When investing in a flat in a multistorey building, consider the different valuations for different amenities as below-

Parking Space 10 %
Swimming Pool 5 %
Community Centre 3 %
Elevator 2 %
Power Backup 2 %
Security 2 %
Gym 2 %

How to Calculate the Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in Kanpur?

Stamp duty and registration charges are additional expenses that property buyers in Kanpur need to consider. These charges are calculated based on the circle rate or the actual transaction value, whichever is higher. 

Steps for Calculating the Property Value

The stamp duty and registration charges for property transactions in Kanpur can be calculated using the following steps:

  • Determine the applicable circle rate for the property based on its location, type, and age. This information can be obtained from the current circle rate list.

  • Identify the stamp duty rate applicable to the property transaction. The stamp duty rates may vary based on the property type and its value.

  • Calculate the stamp duty by multiplying the applicable stamp duty rate with the higher value between the circle rate and the transaction value.

  • Calculate the registration charges by multiplying the applicable registration charge rate with the higher value between the circle rate and the transaction value.

By following these steps, property buyers can estimate the stamp duty and registration charges they will incur during the transaction process. It is advisable to consult with a legal professional or a property expert for accurate calculations and guidance.

What Does Circle Rate in Kanpur Depend Upon?

Circle rates in Kanpur are influenced by several factors that affect the overall value of a property. Some of the key factors considered by the authorities while determining circle rates include:

  • Location: The location of a property plays a crucial role in determining its circle rate. Properties situated in prime localities with good connectivity, proximity to amenities, and developed infrastructure tend to have higher circle rates compared to properties in less desirable areas.

  • Amenities and Infrastructure: The presence of amenities like parks, schools, hospitals, shopping complexes, and transportation facilities in the vicinity significantly impacts the circle rates. Properties located near well-established amenities and infrastructure tend to command higher rates.

  • Market Demand: The overall demand and supply dynamics of the real estate market in Kanpur also have a bearing on circle rates. If there is a high demand for properties in a particular locality, the circle rates are likely to be higher, reflecting the market dynamics.

  • Property Type: The type of property, whether residential, commercial, or agricultural, also influences circle rates. Each property type has its own set of circle rates based on its potential usage and market demand.

Calculation of Circle Rate Based on the Age of the Property in Kanpur

In Kanpur, the circle rate of a property may vary based on its age. The age of a property is an important consideration as it determines the depreciation value and potential maintenance costs. The circle rate for a property in Kanpur is calculated based on the following formula:

Circle Rate = Base Rate + (Base Rate x Depreciation Rate)

The base rate refers to the initial circle rate of a property, which is determined by the authorities. The depreciation rate is calculated based on the age of the property. For instance, if the depreciation rate is 5% per year and the property is 10 years old, the depreciation value would be 50% (10 years x 5% per year). By applying the depreciation value to the base rate, the circle rate for the particular property can be calculated.

It is important to note that the calculation of circle rate based on the age of the property is subject to the guidelines and regulations set by the local authorities. Any changes in the depreciation rates or base rates will be reflected in the updated circle rate list.

How Circle Rates Impact Property Transactions in Kanpur

Circle rates have a significant impact on property transactions in Kanpur. They serve as a basis for determining the minimum price at which a property can be bought or sold. Here are some key aspects to consider regarding the impact of circle rates on property transactions:

  • Fair Valuation: Circle rates ensure that property transactions are carried out at a fair and reasonable price. They prevent underreporting of property values and discourage the evasion of stamp duty and registration charges.

  • Stamp Duty and Registration Charges: Circle rates directly affect the calculation of stamp duty and registration charges. Higher circle rates result in increased stamp duty and registration charges, which buyers need to consider while budgeting for a property purchase.

  • Negotiation and Market Dynamics: Circle rates provide a starting point for negotiations between buyers and sellers. Buyers can use the circle rate as a reference to gauge the fairness of the asking price, while sellers can use it to justify their selling price based on the prevailing market rates.

  • Property Investments: Circle rates also influence property investments in Kanpur. Investors consider the circle rates of different localities to assess the potential returns on investment and make informed decisions.

Understanding circle rates in Kanpur is crucial for anyone involved in property transactions. By familiarizing oneself with the current circle rate list, factors that influence circle rates, and the calculation of stamp duty and registration charges, buyers and sellers can navigate the real estate market with confidence. It is advisable to consult with professionals in the field for accurate and up-to-date information. 

Disclaimer: The rates can vary at the discretion of the state government. Kindly check the official website for existing rates.

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