Square Inches to Square Feet sq in to sq ft 1 square inch = 0.00694 square feet
Square Meters to Square Yards sq m to sq yd 1 square meter = 1.19 square yard
Square Meter to Gaj sq m to gaj 1 square meter = 1.2 gaj
Square Feet to Acre sq ft to ac 1 square feet = 0.000022 acre
Square Meter to Acre sq m to ac 1 square meter = 0.00024 acre
Square Feet to Square Centimeter sq ft to sq cm 1 square feet = 929.03 square cm
Cent to Square Feet ct to sq ft 1 cent = 435.56 square feet
Cent to Square Meter ct to sq m 1 cent = 40.46 square meter