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Months of Foreclosure

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Disclaimer: The aforementioned values, calculations and results are for illustrative and informational purposes only and may vary basis various parameters laid down by Tata Capital.

What is Business Loan Foreclosure?

When you take a business loan, your lender charges you interest on the loan amount as per an agreed-upon business loan interest rate. You’re required to pay your principal amount along with this interest in Equated Monthly Instalments or EMIs. However, if you have surplus funds, you can even choose to repay the entire loan amount in one shot instead of paying EMIs over a long period.

This process of making the full repayment of your outstanding business loan amount before the end of the scheduled EMI period or tenure is known as business loan foreclosure. It can happen only if you have enough surplus funds to repay your entire loan amount. A business loan foreclosure calculator can help you calculate the amount that you need to pay to foreclose your business loan.

What is a Business Loan Foreclosure Calculator?

If you have the required funds, you can decide to foreclose your business loan before the completion of its tenure. Foreclosing a business loan allows you to save on your interest outgo and remove the hassles of paying an EMI every month. However, when you choose to foreclose your business loan, you may have to pay a nominal foreclosure charge to the lender.

A business loan foreclosure calculator can help you determine the foreclosure amount for your business loan based on the foreclosure charges charged by your lender. You can also calculate the interest amount you can save by choosing to foreclose your business loan. With Tata Capital’s business loan Foreclosure calculator, you can calculate your business loan foreclosure amount and your savings in the simplest manner.

How to Use a Business Loan Foreclosure Calculator?

Using a business loan foreclosure calculator is incredibly easy. You can simply access a business loan foreclosure calculator online and enter the required values to calculate business loan foreclosure amount. Here’s how you can use Tata Capital’s Business Loan Foreclosure Calculator:


Enter Loan amount

Enter your business loan amount by using the slider or typing directly in the relevant box.


Set loan tenure

Enter or set your business loan tenure or duration in months or years.


Enter interest rate

Enter or set the applicable rate of interest on your business loan.


Enter foreclosure charges

Enter the foreclosure charges charged by your lender in percentage.


Enter foreclosure duration

Select an appropriate duration during which you want to foreclose your business loan.


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If you’re into a manufacturing business, you may need to install the latest machinery or equipment in your factory.

You can apply for a machinery loan with us to fund the purchase of your business-related tools or equipment.

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MSMEs are the second-largest employer in India after the agriculture sector.

To help these MSMEs grow and flourish without being affected by financial hurdles, Tata Capital offers MSME loans or SME loans at competitive interest rates.

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If you’re unsure of the total loan amount that you may need for your business, you can avail of a business loan overdraft facility or an overdraft business loan.

With Tata Capital, you can get an OD loan for business of up to Rs. 75 lakhs at an affordable interest rate.

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Tata Capital’s small business loans are tailor-made loans to help micro and small businesses in India meet their urgent monetary requirements.

You can apply for a new small business loan online and get the funding from the comforts of your home or office.

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