The negative impact on the environment due to the emission caused by vehicles has become a cause of concern across the globe. The demand for an alternative to traditional fuel, which has a much-reduced impact on the ecosystem and a less energy-intensive mode of mobility, is rising.

At the 26th Conference of Parties meeting at the United Nations, more than 120 countries showed their concern and commitment to take active steps to reduce the emission of greenhouse gas.

Electric Bikes – Indian Scenario:

The Government of India has taken active steps to promote electrical vehicles (EV). The Faster Adoption & Manufacturing of Hybrid & Electric Vehicles (FAME II) scheme rolled out by the Department of Heavy Industries offers 50 per cent higher incentives for producing electric 2-wheelers.

The two-wheeler loan schemes offered by financial institutions are considered the most significant enabler for adopting electric bikes. The lending institutions have kept two-wheeler loan interest rates affordable to suit every need.

Sales of new electric bikes stood at around 57,000 between April and September 2021. This has shown a yearly growth from 47,000 units during the corresponding period in 2020.

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Upcoming Electric Bikes In India In 2022:

In the space of electric bikes, upcoming models have been announced by most leading manufacturers. Some upcoming electric bikes that we are all eagerly looking forward to in 2022 are as under:

1. Ultraviolette:

The brand belongs to the stable of TVS Motors. The Ultraviolette F77 is expected to be launched in the first half of 2022. The bike claims to have a 150 km range, with a top speed of 140 kmph.

2. HOP Electric Mobility:

The company plans to launch its electric bike variant Oxo in 2022. The range of the bike, along with its sleek look and fast pick up, will be its USPs.

3. Emflux Motors:

The manufacturer targets the sports bike market share with its model variant Emflux One. The bike has a top speed of 200 kmph and has the torque to hit 100 kmph in just 3 seconds.

4. Tunwal TZ:

This bike shall come with a range of 120 km and a detachable battery.

5. Raft Indrajeet:

The bike is planned to be launched in March-April 2022. The bike comes with a range of 120 km with a top speed of 85 kmph.

6. Nahak P14:

This is a high-performance bike with a top speed of 135 kmph with a range of 150 km.

7. Earth Energy Evolve Z:

The bike comes with a lithium-ion battery with a range of 100 km. The bike can hit a top speed of 95 km and carry a load of 200 kgs.

8. Enigma Café Racer:

This is a high-performance bike with a top speed of 136 kmph with a range life of 140 km.

9. Surge 10K:

This bike comes with a range of 150 km. The bike comes with an option of 2 additional battery packs, thereby increasing the range life to 450 km.

10. Revot Café Racer:

The bike comes with a top speed of 95 kmph and has a range of 160 km.

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As a potential buyer on the lookout for new launched electric bikes, please stay tuned to the various online sources of information. You may also check the loan interest rates by using the two wheeler loan EMI calculators that are available on the official websites of the financial institutions.

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