Whether you’re embarking on a solo backpacking trip or looking at tour packages Asia for a luxurious getaway, it always pays to be one step ahead of the game. While it’s fun to let loose and go with the flow, scouring through travel tips Asia can help you make the most of your vacation. You must have noticed that the most important tip in any Asia travel guide is to install travel apps for a smooth vacation.

Once you’ve got that covered, download these travel apps and plan a hassle-free and fun-filled vacation.

1. TripCase

This app is a lifesaver for forgetful travellers. Keep all your important travel documents – from passports to visa – safe in one place with TripCase.

2. FlightAware

Avoid the hassle of checking your flight details on different apps for different airlines. FlightAware serves as a one-stop-shop for all your flying needs, including real-time alerts like flight delays.

3. AroundMe

All the foodies rejoice because this app lists the best street food destinations in Asia along with banks, hospitals, theatres, supermarket and taxis around you.

4. XE Currency

You don’t need a money transfer store to get the latest exchange rate. Download the XE currency exchange app for easy and accurate exchange rates and charts.

5. Sit or Squat

This hilarious app understands the need to go to the loo urgently when exploring the city. Not only does it provide you with nearby public toilets with a database of over 1,00,000 restrooms but also rates the maintenance of these restrooms as Sit- Good or Squat- Bad.

6. Yuggler

Travelling with children? Yuggler is a godsend for parents; it helps you discover kid-friendly activities around you. Add search filters to find the perfect age-appropriate and fun-filled activity for your little ones.

7. WeatherPRO

Travelling to monsoon countries in Asia? Download the WeatherPRO app to get a reliable and accurate forecast for a great travel experience. Whether you’re planning to trek, run, or go outdoors, use this app to plan your day.

8. LoungeBuddy

There’s nothing worse than dealing with unexpected delays or long layovers for your flight back home. In desperate need of sleep or perhaps a shower? LoungeBuddy offers instant access to 170 lounges on a pay-by-use basis. Search the app for a lounge and book it beforehand for a comfortable layover.

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