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Tata Capital > Blog > Personal Use Loan > Why Personal Line Of Credit?

Personal Use Loan

Why Personal Line Of Credit?

Why Personal Line Of Credit?


A personal line of credit allows users to borrow a specified amount of money over a predetermined period, referred to as their draw duration. Personal credit lines are based on debt, like a credit card. However, it often has a higher credit limit. Suppose someone wants to borrow money on a regular basis but doesn’t have a specific loan amount in mind. In that case, a personal line of credit might be handy for significant needs such as medical costs or home renovation projects.

Personal credit lines are open-ended debts that permit the borrower to borrow money as needed over a set timeframe. The funds are accessible by bank transactions or line-of-credit inspections, and the borrower is given a credit limit that one cannot surpass during the loan’s term.

Personal Line of Credit Working

A personal line of credit is often an unsecured credit that indicates users won’t be required to use their home or car as security for qualifying. It is similar to a credit card in that it has a changeable interest rate, a set payment schedule, and a credit restriction on the amount one may take. It may also have specified intervals for when one can withdraw — or loan — money and when they must return it.

In many circumstances, one may only receive a personal line of credit – or be eligible for the best conditions – if users already have an account with a certain lender, such as a savings or current account. If users qualify, they may anticipate a credit limit ranging from Rs. 70 thousand to even Rs. 20 crore or more if one has significant financial assets with the bank.

People normally borrow according to the credit limit using a line of credit loan and subsequently borrow again once they have returned what they owe plus interest. The amount of time one may access money varies depending on the bank; in certain situations, the credit access may be open-ended, without a specific date for it to expire.

Expect certain spending limits with a personal credit line, such as the inability to utilize it for investing or commercial reasons. The following expenses are most likely eligible:

  • Home improvement tasks
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Medical expenses
  • Tuition for college
  • Student loan refinancing
  • A high-expense event, such as a marriage

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Personal Line of Credit

Evaluate a few of the advantages and disadvantages of a personal credit line when deciding if it is the correct option for users.


  • Flexible access to money: Under a personal credit line, the borrower has access to the whole loan amount during the draw term, which can last many years. This allows flexibility in how the funds are utilized and spent.
  • Pay interest only on funds utilized: The benefit of a personal line of credit is that the borrower only pays interest on the amount they use instead of on the total loan sum accessible to them.
  • Reusable money stream: Supposing users follow the lender’s conditions, once they’ve given back the money acquired from a personal online line of credit, the entire amount remains accessible to borrow afresh within the initial loan’s remaining duration.
  • Ability to intelligently consolidate and pay off increased debt: A personal line of credit may be used for a broad range of personal or domestic requirements, so it’s an excellent method to pay off other loans, such as college or auto loans.


  • High interest rates: Personal lines of credit loans are often unsecured loans, which may have higher interest charges. Some other related products might need collateral, and the rates of interest typically fluctuate. However, this isn’t necessarily the case since some creditors offer cheap fixed rates.
  • Additional expenses: It is usual for lenders to levy yearly or monthly maintenance fees, as well as other possible fees, on a personal online line of credit. 
  • Tough to acquire: Since personal lines of credit loan are unsecured, most lenders demand a good credit score be approved. In general, the better a user’s credit score is, the better the conditions of the loan are.

Where Can Someone Get a Personal Line of Credit? 

A personal line of credit is most found in a bank or credit organization, and apart from these, several online lenders also provide it. Here’s a quick rundown of each choice:

  • Banks: Personal lines of credit are available from both big national banks & smaller local banks. However, many lenders will need customers to have a banking account already. In some situations, one may also need to reside near a local bank office.
  • Credit Unions: To receive a personal line of credit loan, customers will almost certainly need to be a participant. Credit organisations are less prone to collect yearly or application fees due to their non-profit status.
  • Online Lenders: An internet lender might be capable of swiftly providing anyone with a personal credit line – consider access to the money in as little as one working day. Internet lenders sometimes have less stringent lending restrictions than banks or credit organisations, but keep an eye out for lower loan amounts. 

Unsecured vs Secured Credit Lines

Certain lenders might be ready to provide customers with a secured online line of credit with improved facilities — such as a reduced interest rate or a higher loan limit — in return for collateral such as savings, FD, or stock market account.

If an individual’s credit rating is average, a secured line of credit loan will likely offer a higher credit limit and a lower interest rate. If someone has a good credit rating and doesn’t wish to risk losing a valued item, an unsecured personal credit line may be a better alternative.

Wrapping Up

A personal line of credit is not for everybody, so pick cautiously; as with whatever credit-related item, a repayment plan is essential. Failure to pay instalments or return debt on time might harm the credit score. Personal lines of credit may be a versatile and wise method to borrow money whenever users don’t know when they’ll need money. To know more about a personal line of credit, check this page from Tata Capital.

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