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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Wedding > Getting Married? Here’s How to Fund Your Special Day

Loan for Wedding

Getting Married? Here’s How to Fund Your Special Day

Getting Married? Here’s How to Fund Your Special Day

A wedding in fairytales is all about rainbows, hearts and butterflies. However, it entails so much more. A zillion thoughts keep running across the minds of the bride, groom and their families. Normal videography or cinematic? Live orchestra or loudspeaker music? Flower backdrop or lamp décor? Live food stations or just a regular buffet? And, the list goes on! Weddings in India are always a big deal. They are exciting, but they can be equally daunting if you don’t have enough funds to support them. There are several ways to ensure that you have a perfect wedding without any financial worries. Here are some of the ways to fund your special day.

1. Plan in advance

Planning is one of the first steps for pulling off a successful wedding. If you plan well ahead of your big day, you are unlikely to get caught in last-minute hustles. You can even save a lot of money if you start early. For instance, booking in advance can help you avail the desired wedding venue at a reasonable price. Bridal and bridegroom shopping, finalizing a guest list, selecting caterers, making music arrangements, and dealing with other requirements well before the wedding can give you the benefit of discounted prices. It can also help you evade the wedding season price surge.

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2. Make a budget

The smartest way to plan the costs of a wedding is to make a comprehensive budget. A budget controls your finances. You can figure out what you can compromise on, and thus, be more cautious while spending. With a budget, you can choose the most cost-effective options. List down every small and big expense. These will include the costs of dresses, décor, cuisine, event venues, transport and hotel rental costs, and other allied expenditure. Also, there are several mobile apps that can help you keep a track of your wedding expenses. For any unforeseen or last minute expenses, you could also look out for a quick and easy wedding loan, which you could even take with your to-be spouse. To know more, click here.

3. Share the responsibility

Gone are the days when either the bride or the groom solely used to bear the entire wedding expenses. In today's day and age, couples prefer to shoulder equal responsibility, right from planning a wedding to spending on their honeymoon. With contributions from two families, it is easier to live your wedding dream. A joint personal loan can also be availed if you do not want to take a loan by yourself. To know more about this, click here.

4. Avail a wedding loan

Opting for a wedding loan or personal loan can go a long way in reducing the burden of funding your wedding. A wedding loan ensures you enjoy your special day without any compromises. Lenders such as Tata Capital have simple eligibility criteria, attractive personal loan interest rates, and flexible EMI options. Moreover, you need not worry about providing any collateral since such personal loans are unsecured. Also, you can be sure of quick approvals and disbursals.

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5. Minimize expenses and save more

Weddings always come with added highs and lows – emotionally and financially. As fun-filled as the entire affair is, it also demands a solid financial backing. For instance, you can distinguish between your needs and wants and make a commitment to spend more on your needs. This way you can rationalize your spending and end up saving more. It may seem little at that time but can make a huge difference in the long run. If you are unable to minimize, a personal wedding loan can help you to pay for expenses that will arise. Click here to avail a wedding loan.

Step by step planning and execution is the key to turning a wedding into a reality. With adequate financial backing, you can ensure a perfect wedding. You can throw a grand wedding party with the help of a wedding loan. With a loan by your side, planning your wedding becomes less of a hassling task and more of a seamless reality.

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