With Diwali just around the corner, the festive mood is setting in. Most people have started shopping for clothes and gifts due to several festive offers online. But what about your house? Are you just going to make do with some cleaning and old decorations? Or, do you want to give your home an awe-inspiring festive makeover?

How? By playing around with elements of home furnishing and decoration. While it may seem like a tedious task, it will do wonders for your interiors. And, believe it or not, there are many simple ways to make your house ready for the year-end celebrations and set the mood for the festivities.

Home Makeover Ideas for Diwali

Before going ahead with home décor or renovations, make sure your primary finances are in order. If not, it is ideal to get a home extension loan as money should not thwart your plans this Diwali.

Got your finances in order already? If so, then check out our list of top home improvement ideas this festive season.

Don’t shy away from colour

While white walls are elegant and sophisticated, they tend to look dull after a few years. Therefore, add a little colour to your walls to spice-up your digs. Consider painting them in a contrasting colour like aqua or bright yellow and watch the space transform.

Consider getting new curtains

A new set of curtains add vibrancy and are a cheaper alternative to wall painting for your home makeover. Pick soothing and budget-friendly curtains to change the vibe of the interiors. There are numerous prints and shades you can choose from. Go for pastel shades if you are looking to off-set that vibrantly coloured wall in say, your living room or bedroom.

Pay attention to details

You don’t always need to throw a tonne of money on home makeovers. Doing inexpensive things like changing your cushion covers or adding a few vintage decorative pieces will go a long way when it comes to festive decorations. Choose an old school lamp and painting for your living room or add a handcrafted ceramic pot and you’re good to go. These small items can significantly add to the visual appeal of your home. You can also order these home décor pieces online as there are festive offers on all shopping sites.

Play with Lighting

The best way to give your home a festive makeover is to add fancy lights to the interiors as well as exteriors of your house. Tea lights and fairy lights are perfect for bedrooms while you can opt for lanterns and lamps for balconies. You can save a lot of energy by switching to LED lights. So, let there be an abundance of light inside your abode and celebrate the true spirit of the festival of lights!

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Need Some Help with Your Home Makeover?

Tata Capital offers a home extension loan at attractive interest rates to assist you in expanding and renovating your house into your dream abode.

Do you live on rent and don’t feel like giving that space a makeover? How about hitting a milestone this Diwali and buying a brand-new house altogether? We understand if you don’t have enough finances for the same. Don’t fret! Buy a place you can call home with the help of Tata Capital home loans.

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So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us and learn all about our housing finance options today!

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