If you’re working from home, you need more than a metal desk, make-shift table, and a creaky chair. You deserve a comfortable and peaceful home office.

And, the best part is, it doesn’t take much to turn the right nook within your home into a functional office. So, check out the little changes that promise a big difference.

How to set up your home office?

#1 Pick the right room/ nook

When picking your home office room, ensure two things – ample natural light and an attached washroom. Even if you cannot dedicate a large space for making your home office, fret not. Any quiet corner next to an expansive window will do the trick.

#2 Invest in ergonomic equipment

Your chair should be cushy and the right height, easily adjustable, so your feet touch the floor. It should preferably swivel, have armrests and solid lumbar support. Your table must have enough surface area so your arms can comfortably rest on it while working on a computer.

#3 Stock up on office supplies

Your home office won’t feel like one unless you have the right stationery and supplies. So, equip your desk and storage cabinets with pens, pencils, sticky notes, scissors, stapler, printer paper, manila envelopes, notepads, staplers, and other such things.

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#4 Buy a good quality printer

No home office is complete without a high-quality colour printer. If you have one, printing and couriering office documents becomes ridiculously easy.

#5 Invest in healthy artificial lighting

Your home office will require quality artificial lighting – something not too bright or dim. Get a professional to devise an artificial ceiling that houses the right light fixtures and lamps that don’t strain your eyes when you work long hours.

If you don’t want to spend a lump sum on getting the false ceiling made, pay for it through instalments with a home loan for renovation.

#6 Get high-speed internet

You cannot do without high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity to run your home office, especially during conference calls and uploading and downloading heavy files.  

#7 Add some greenery

Simply buying a few shade-loving plants such as succulents like Jade Terrarium, the money plant, aloe vera can make your home office a stress-free work environment. When chalking out a budget for your home office, calculate your potential EMIs with a home loan EMI calculator.

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#8 Invest in office extension

Nobody likes working in a cramped space. The solution? We suggest extending its size. For this, use a home renovation loan, available at low home loan interest rates these days.  

#9 Pick suitable colour schemes

Avoid dull colours like grey or pistachio green. Also, stay away from visually jarring colours like electric blue or red. This colour pallet might bring down your working mood. Pick from a pastel colour pallet, or better yet, highlight one wall with bright colour and leave all other walls white.

#10 Get the right software

Investing in the right software on your office computer is crucial, so it’s advisable to not cringe at a price here.

The bottom line

Looking to extend your house’s boundary to accommodate a bigger home office? Well, then you’ll need funding! Something you can get at affordable interest rates and with relaxed home loan eligibility criteria at Tata Capital.

So, why wait? Start your loan application today!

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