The Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) revealed that at the end of the FY2018-19, India had over 451 million¹ monthly active internet users. The country ranks as the second² largest online market in the world. The time seems ripe for online businesses to thrive in India. 

If you want to tread away from the traditional career path, you can make the most of this trend. The scope for monumental profits in an online business is high. 

Here are some ideas that can help you build a successful career in the digital age:   


Blogging is now a lucrative monetizing tool. You can make tidy profit hosting third-party ads on your blog posts, publishing sponsored posts, or expanding to affiliate marketing. Thorough research on your chosen topic will help earn reliability, making your blog a success.  

Freelance web content writing

If you want flexibility, you can pace your schedule and set your workplace as per your convenience with freelance writing. In this era of digital marketing, the demand for written website content is not the one to show any signs of weakening. All you need is a stable internet connection and word-processing software. With experience, if you plan to launch an agency, you can apply for business loan and raise seed funding.


If you love the written word, but writing is not your cup of tea, you can edit another writer’s work for a fee. Attention to detail and expertise in grammar is all it takes to succeed here.

App development

Developing apps is another rewarding online business from home, provided you have the technological know-how. Every business these days use mobile apps to engage and serve customers. Demand for app developers hence is on the rise, and you can ride the tide to reap the benefits.

Website development

In today’s age, a website is invaluable for every enterprise. It can educate potential customers about products and services, promote goodwill, and generate new business. Companies look to upgrade their websites all the time to keep up with the competition. Hence, developing websites is perhaps one of the best moneymaking options among the different types of online business ideas.

Creating online courses

Are you a subject matter expert? You can then create a video walkthrough on the subject you think your expertise lies in and sell it online. Host it either on a personal website or on online learning platforms. You can cover overhead costs with a business loan. A high-quality tutorial will keep drawing enrollments and generate a sizable passive income.


Whether you are looking to make it on your own or want some extra income, online businesses can be remarkably profitable. If you need working capital for marketing and advertising expenses or for hiring staff, you can avail of business loans. Tata Capital offers loans to entrepreneurs without the need for security. Visit the Tata Capital website to check your business loan eligibility and apply for finance to help your business flourish.

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