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Provide healthcare facilities and support for improving the quality of life

Cancer CELL (Care and Elixir for Life and Living)

Cancer care is one of the major focus areas for Tata Capital and support will be extended to primary care and tertiary care. We support outreach, treatment and care centers through various partners across India. Below are some of our partner organizations:

  • St. Judes at Kharghar is supported to provide food starter packs and nutritional supplements for patients and the support extends to cover the operations of 4 residential units in Mumbai.
  • Funding for treatment with the help of Cancer Patients Aids Association and Indian Cancer Society
  • Infrastructure funding for Tata Medical Centre Trust, Kolkata


India is home to the largest blind population in the world. With an estimate of about 12 million blind people in India as per The National Programme for Control of Blindness, cataract and refractive errors are the major causes. As these are either preventable or curable 80% of the times, TCFSL and TCHFL through their CSR initiative are striving to support large Eye Care hospitals like Akhand Jyoti, Aditya Jyot and CBM India to solve the accessibility to services to the poorest of the poor.

We have screened over 50,000 patients and provided free surgeries to over 3000 patients. 


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