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Small Personal Loans online by Tata Capital

There may be situations where you need to avail of funds quickly. Instead of dipping into your savings or depending on others, you can avail of a small loan to fund these needs conveniently. It is a quick and hassle-free loan that you can utilize for a variety of purposes. From paying medical bills to funding an international trip, Tata Capital's multipurpose small loans are tailor-made to meet your short-term needs.


Enjoy simple eligibility criteria and flexible repayment structures with Tata Capital's small loans. But that's not all. Our loans also come with minimal documentation and the best interest rates in the industry.


What’s more? You can apply for a Small Loan online from the comfort of your home. We especially customize our small-ticket loans for salaried individuals across different salary brackets. With a quick and easy application process, they are best for all your big-ticket expenses.


Tata Capital offers small personal loans online ranging from Rs. 40,000 up to Rs 1.5 lakhs. Our application process requires minimal paperwork and easy eligibility criteria. If you apply for a small loan with Tata Capital, you don't even need to pledge any collateral.


So, what are you waiting for? Apply for a small loan today either online or by sending a request via WhatsApp.

Features and Benefits of Small Personal Loan

Here are some of the features and benefits of taking a Small Loan online with Tata Capital:

Unsecured finance

One of the most significant features of small loans is that you don't need to pledge any collateral before opting for one. So, we don't require any guarantees or a mortgaged property to approve your desired small amount loan.

Nominal processing fee

Because we assure 100% transparency in all our instant small loan dealings, we will let you know of any charges, such as processing fees, before you sign on with us. Anyway, our nominal processing fee of only 2% will not feel like much when you apply for an instant small loan with us.

Quick approvals and attractive interest rates

We don't take longer than a few minutes to verify and take action based on the documents you provide. Therefore, our small personal credit online approval process is indeed quick and at affordable personal loan interest rates.

Quick disbursal

What's the point of getting an instant loan approved on paper but having to wait for days before the funds show up in your account? When you apply for a small personal loan online with Tata Capital, you don’t wait a minute longer than necessary, as we disburse the funds as soon as your small amount loan is approved.

Loan Offers Between Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 1.5 lakhs!

Tata Capital provides a small personal loan for amounts ranging between Rs. 40,000 and Rs. 1.5 lakhs, which is sufficient for a number of big-ticket purchases.

Minimal paperwork

No one wants to worry about submitting hefty paperwork. And, at Tata Capital, we only ask for what’s necessary. Apply for a small finance loan for personal use by submitting minimal documentation.

Flexible EMI terms

Worried that your monthly EMIs may become unmanageable. Fret not! With Tata Capital's small amount personal loan, you can either go for a monthly standard EMI, or switch to a flexible instalment option, where you pay more when possible.

Low pre-closure charges

If somewhere down the line, you want to pay off your loan before the fixed tenure, you can. Tata Capital offers a loan pre-closure option at a nominal fee that’s just 4.5% of the outstanding loan amount.

Comfortable EMI tenures

Pay your EMIs at your chosen pace as Tata Capital offers an extended tenure duration between 18 to 36 months.

Who should be taking a Small Personal Loan?

Since a borrower can use this small instant loan for any end purpose, it's an excellent offering for anyone. Whether you want to buy expensive gizmos, pay off health bills, go on a trip, or purchase any product or service that requires a lump sum, you can take this loan. Apply for a small loan online with Tata Capital from the comfort of your home.

Here are certain categories of individuals with whom a small loan online is popular.

Young professionals

Individuals who have recently started earning and don't have a substantial salary yet can opt for a small loan online to purchase a bike, phone, laptop, etc.

Retired professionals

Retired professionals might rack up a few medical or travel expenses. Therefore, a quick yet affordable finance option like a small loan online for personal use can come in handy.


A small personal credit can help you pay a percentage of your tuition fee on time. You can file an application for small instant cash loans with a co-borrower and take care of your education expenses in a jiffy.


Ready to expand your business? Or need funds to manage your daily business operation? A quick small personal credit can help you cater to the urgent financial needs of your business hassle-free.

Home Remodelling

Individuals who are planning to renovate their house but don’t have enough savings, can apply for small loans for renovation and give their house a whole new look.

Institutions like Tata Capital have specially designed this loan for individuals with a small salary or business expenses, as they may face difficulty approving finance of a large amount. Also, repaying this loan is not as challenging because the total amount borrowed is not too much, and you don't pledge any guarantee. So, apply for small loans through our website or via Whatsapp for a seamless and no-strings attached spending experience.

Availability of Small Personal Loans for salaried individuals depends on job stability, income, age, work experience, and CIBIL score

Can a person with a low salary take a Small Personal Loan?

Need funds for personal use but got a low salary? Well, Tata Capital brings you Low Income Instant Small Personal Loans for all your financial needs. Salaried individuals can now apply for our small personal loans up to Rs. 1.5 lakhs in just a few simple steps!

With competitive interest rates and convenient repayment plans, you can meet your diverse financial goals with ease, without burdening your finances. The best part? We don’t ask for heavy documentation or a demanding application process.

Besides, with quick approval and a swift loan disbursal process, you don’t have to wait for longer to get a low income personal loan you need!

What Is The Process of Applying for a Personal Loan for Salaried Employees

Documents required for Small Personal Loan

Whether it is a medical emergency, paying for your children’s education, or funding a personal expense, Tata Capital offers a speedy application process with minimal paperwork requirements. The following documents are required to apply for a small personal loan-

  • Photo ID proof - A copy of your Aadhaar card/ Voter ID card/ Passport/ Driving License

    Address Proof

    A copy of your salary slips for the last two months

    A copy of your bank statements or salary credits for the last six months

    A certificate stating one year of continuous employment

What Is The Process of Applying for a Personal Loan for Salaried Employees

  • Online application

    To get an instant salaried loan, apply now from the comfort of your home. Complete the loan application and upload scanned copies of the necessary documents online.

  • Call us

    Call our customer care executives at 1860 267 6060 anytime between 9 AM and 8 PM and let them guide you step by step.

  • Virtual assistant

    Our 24x7 virtual assistant, TIA, can give you real-time answers for loan application guidance.

Documents required for Small Personal Loan

Whether it is a medical emergency, paying for your children’s education, or funding a personal expense, Tata Capital offers a speedy application process with minimal paperwork requirements. The following documents are required to apply for a small personal loan-

1. Photo ID proof- A copy of your Aadhaar card/ Voter ID card/ Passport/ Driving License

2. Address Proof

3. A copy of your salary slips for the last two months

4. A copy of your bank statements or salary credits for the last six months

5. A certificate stating one year of continuous employment

What is the eligibility criteria for a Small Personal Loan?

For starters, if you think that small loans from Tata Capital require you to have an excellent credit score, it's not true. Since this loan is customised for low-salaried individuals and new business owners, you can apply for one with limited or low credit history and have real chances of approval.

This relaxation on credit score often comes as a substantial relief for potential borrowers of small instant loans.

Other than this, you must fulfil the following personal loan eligibility criteria to get an instant small loan online from Tata Capitals:

Eligibility for Small Personal Loan

  • The applicant must have a minimum salary of Rs. 15,000 per month.

  • They should be working for at least 1 year.

  • The ideal age of the applicant should fall between 21 to 58 years.

Apply for a small loan at Tata Capital if you fulfil these eligibility criteria. We extend instant loans to salaried professionals, housewives, pensioners, self-employed professionals, and more. So, if you have urgent financial needs to meet, get in touch today!

Factors affecting small loan eligibility

Credit score

Make sure to maintain a good credit score by making timely payments, keeping your credit utilisation rate low, monitoring your credit report for errors or inaccuracies, and paying off high-interest outstanding debts.

Monthly income

You must also have a low debt-to-income ratio. This demonstrates your capability to repay the loan timely and comfortably. The debt-to-income ratio is calculated by adding all your debt payments and dividing the sum by your monthly income.

Employment status

For salaried individuals, we consider factors like job tenure, position, experience, stability in the current job, etc. Self-employed individuals must produce the required documents to prove business stability. This includes their profit and loss statements, balance sheets, income tax returns, and other financial records for the last two years.

Relationship with lenders

If you have an existing relationship with the lender, such as a savings account, credit card, or another loan, you may have higher chances of getting approved for the small loan online. This is because the lender already knows your financial history, including your account status and repayment behaviour.

What is the minimum credit score required to get a Small Personal Loan?

Also called the CIBIL score, your credit score is a rating that helps lending institutions assess your creditworthiness. Why do they need to assess your creditworthiness? As that helps them decide on your loan repayment capability.

Needless to say, the higher your credit score, the better your chances for receiving approval on small loans. While the CIBIL scale works between 300 to 900 points, any rating of 700 or above improves your chances for loan approval.

While this is true for high-sum personal loans, getting a small loan online with a lower credit score might be possible. If you can show steady employment for at least a year and are not carrying previous debts, you can apply for a quick personal loan even with a credit score below 700 points. You can also check your credit score online with Tata Capital.

Online Application Process for Small Personal Loan

  • Start a new online application by clicking on "Apply Now".
  • On the digital form, fill out your personal and loan details.
  • Next, upload document soft copies and submit them.
  • Once you’re done with these three things, simply wait for the verification from our end. If everything is complete, verification usually takes a few minutes.
  • After successful verification, you’ll receive instant confirmation for your small personal credit.

Offline Application Process

If an online application makes you uncomfortable because you're not very tech-savvy, fret not! You can also apply for a small personal loan offline. Here's how –

  • Walk into a Tata Capital branch near you.
  • Submit the quick personal loan application and the necessary documents.
  • You can also get in touch with Tata Capital representative over a phone call.
  • It may take a couple of business days to process the application.

Do you see how easy it is to apply for a small personal loan with Tata Capital? So, why wait? Start your application with us today!

Higher credit score increases the chances of loan approval. Check your CIBIL score today and get free insights on how to be credit-worthy.

What our customers say about us

Thanks for the support provided by Tata Capital during my bad days. The team gave me valuable support.


Personal Loan | 03 May, 2024

I have already appreciated the patience and professionalism that your staff has given during the entire tenure of this loan with Tata Capital. The practices and the way you interact with customers are best and are testimony of the TATA GROUP legacy. I am sincerely obliged to you for your help and cooperation.


Personal Loan | 02 May, 2024

Your services are very good. You understand the problems of your customers, and you will continue to be the first to help your customers in the future.


Personal Loan | 01 May, 2024

Tata Capital's work is very good, and their customer support is very helpful. Thank you, Tata.


Personal Loan | 30 April, 2024

Our experience with Tata Capital seems excellent. We are grateful for their consistent financial support tailored to Our needs. Tata Capital appears to be a humble organization with supportive and helpful staff, always treating customers with respect and value. We express gratitude to all Tata Capital members.


Personal Loan | 27 April, 2024

Excellent service. Tata Capital is my go-to source for funds in an emergency. I will refer all my friends and family members to get financial services from Tata Capital.


Personal Loan | 22 April, 2024

Excellent services provided. Looking forward for future requirements. Like to travel with tata capital along journey of life.


Personal Loan | 18 April, 2024

Dear Team, That was a really good experience for me. I have a good history and experience with Tata capital. Whatever feedback I give, they take it seriously and work on it to resolve the same. Tata capital is good as always. Thanks for the loan.


Personal Loan | 14 April, 2024

It is going to be a good relation with Tata Capital as I got help from here when I was not getting help from anywhere. Thanks for the trust.


Personal Loan | 09 April, 2024

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