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What is Education Loan?

Are you ready to advance your education? Don't let expensive college fees hold you back. With Tata Capital's Education Loan, you can conveniently fund your education, both in India and abroad. Enjoy a quick approval, minimal documentation, and competitive interest rates, with our customized plans.

Your financial background should not stop you from receiving the best education. This is why our Student Loans are quick, accessible, and convenient.

To apply for a Student Loan with Tata Capital, all you need to do is submit your mark sheet and certificates, admission letter, documents for studying abroad, and other identity proofs. And you're ready to ace your desired field!

Disclaimer: Personal Loans are originated and serviced by Tata Capital Financial Services Limited (TCFSL) and are at its sole discretion. Terms and conditions apply.

  • Loan Amount

    ₹ 75,000 - ₹ 35,00,000

  • Loan Tenure

    12 - 72 months

  • Interest rate starting @

  • Advantages

    Customised Solutions

    Your education needs are unique. That’s why we let you tailor the loan based on your needs. Your loan for education can cover tuition fees, hostel charges, cost of books, etc.

    Easy Repayment Options

    You have the flexibility and control over how you want to repay your education loan. Apply online for the option that best suits you.

    Minimal Paperwork

    We pave the way for your bright future by making the process easy and accessible.

    Quick Approval

    Submit just a few documents with your application and get your loan sanctioned.

    How to Check Eligibility for Education Loan?

    In order to get an Education Loan, you have to meet some basic eligibility criteria and documents for faster approval. At Tata Capital, we ask you to fulfil the following conditions –

    • You must be an Indian national

    • Your age should be between 16-26 years

    • You must have a good past academic record

    • Either you or your parents should earn a minimum monthly income of Rs. 15,000

    • You should either have a guarantor or show a security

    Who can be the Co-Applicant for Education Loan?

    A co-applicant in education loan is a mandatory requirement in India. However, there are a few conditions co-applicants need to meet. They are –

    • If the Study Loan applicant is a student, their parent(s) must join the application as co-applicant.
    • Only Indian nationals can act as co-applicant for Education Loans in India.
    • If the applicant is married, they can have parent(s)/spouse/parent(s)-in-law as co-applicant.
    • If the applicant has lost both parents, they can have a guardian or relative join as a co-applicant.

    How does theRepayment Process work?

    If you apply for a Student Loan with Tata Capital, you can enjoy a repayment plan designed to meet your unique needs. Our repayment tenures start from 12 months and go up to 72 months. You can pay the EMIs online by accessing our website from anywhere, anytime. Or, drop a cheque at the nearest Tata Capital branch. You have complete control over your student loan repayment,no questions asked!

    What are the eligible courses for Education loans?

    At Tata Capital, we offer Student Loans for courses in India and abroad. You can find the list of courses eligible for Education Loan from Tata Capital below.

    Courses Covered in India

    • Graduation/post-graduation/diploma courses from recognised universities

    • Professional/technical/management courses

    • PhD courses

    Courses Covered Outside India

    • Graduation/post-graduation degrees from recognised universities

    • Certified degree courses conducted by London, CPA, CIMA, USA, and other similar institutes

    • PhD courses

    However, our Study Loans don't cover diploma courses abroad.

    What are the Tax Benefits of Education Loan?

    If you are servicing a Study Loan currently,you can take advantage of the various education loan tax benefits on its repayment. Under Section 80E of the Income Tax Act,you are eligible for a yearly deduction of Rs. 40,000 on the repayment of both the principal amount and the interest portion of the EMI. All Education Loans taken for full-time courses at the graduation or post-graduation level are eligible for a deduction.

    Moreover, these tax exemptions will be available for a maximum of eight years from the date of the first EMI payment.

    What is the list of Expenses Covered in the Education Loan?

    When applying for a Student Loan,you probably have a lot of questions on your mind. Does education loan cover living expenses?Or costs of books? If so, here are all the expenses covered under education loan:

    However, to receive approval from Tata Capital, your CIBIL score for Personal Loan should ideally fall between X and Y. If you don't know your CIBIL score and are wondering if you're eligible, don't worry. We got you covered!

    In case of a Personal Loan, where the amount is approved and advanced without collateral, your CIBIL score becomes a critical eligibility criterion. Typically, a CIBIL score above the 700 mark is considered good and attracts easy approval.

    • Tuition fee
    • Hostel fee
    • Insurance premium
    • Travel expenses for students studying abroad
    • Laboratory/examination/library fees
    • Laptop/computer costs are covered by study loans
    • Cost of equipment/books/uniform
    • Caution deposit


    Application Process for Student Loan


    Online Application for Student Loan

    Want maximum convenience when applying for an education loan? Apply online through our website by just filling up your basic details.


    Document Submission

    Post receiving your loan eligibility, furnish the required documents to take your application ahead. 



    We will verify your application and submitted documents.



    Post approval, the loan is sanctioned.



    Receive the amount in your bank account - it's that simple!

    Available payment options

    Available payment options

      Pay Online

      Pay your EMI using our website or mobile anytime, anywhere.

      Drop a Cheque

      Select a nearby branch to drop a cheque at your convenience.

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    What our customers say about us

    Tata Capital's systematic and professional approach is much better than private banks too.

    Premprakash M Mourya

    Personal Loan | 25 April, 2023

    Excellent experience with Tata Capital's executive in overall guidance, communication and support.


    Personal Loan | 15 April, 2023

    My experience with Tata Capital was excellent. Quick service was given. All staff is polite and humble. I thank you Tata Capital, and wish you all the same in future.


    Personal Loan | 14 April, 2023

    Responding quickly, comfortable communication for explaining about the process. Excellent service Tata Capital. Thank you for best service.


    Personal Loan | 14 April, 2023

    Tata Capital's overall performance is too good, apart from other sources.

    Alexi Peter Almeida

    Personal Loan | 13 April, 2023

    Tata Capital is excellent supporter for improving our financial position.

    Imam Khan V S

    Personal Loan | 10 April, 2023

    Amazing services. I'm really fully satisfied by your online services and immediate response. No need to visit offices to take loan/closure or any other queries. Everything gets clear with immediate and excellent response through online. Really I didn't find any glitch for improvement. Thank you very much team Tata Capital.


    Personal Loan | 08 April, 2023

    Tata Capital's service is good. Keep up the good work. Best customer service. 10 out of 10.


    Personal Loan | 05 April, 2023

    It was a nice experience with Tata Capital, I have faced lots of challenges in last 2 years. Thank you for your help and for understanding my situation. If given a chance, I will definitely recommend Tata Capital to everyone. Thank you.


    Personal Loan | 04 April, 2023

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