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Personal Loan Application Process

When financial emergencies knock at your door, turn to your trusted partner- Tata Capital. Our customized personal loans help you fund all big-ticket expenses in no time. Whether you want to take care of a family medical emergency,engage in a home improvement project,or  apply for an educational course, everything is possible with Tata Capital's flexible and tailored Personal Loan. Apply today to finance all your requirements conveniently with our attractive interest rates and easy-to-meet eligibility criteria.

Need a personal loan for education quickly? No worries! We understand your time is precious and you need quick funds before the deadline. That's why our Personal Loan Application Process is entirely online and requires minimal paperwork. This means you don't even need to visit a physical branch. With Tata Capital, you can easily apply for a personal loan for Personal Loan for Education online. Read on to understand how to apply for a loan online.

Wondering how to apply for a Personal Loan? We've got you covered. With Tata Capital's personal loan apply online feature, you can apply for a quick loan without even stepping out of your house.

Don't know how to apply for a loan online? Don't worry. Just follow the simple steps given below to apply for Personal Loan online within minutes. Our personal loan for education how to apply process is very easy.

How to apply for a Personal Loan

Ready to get a personal loan? Apply with Tata Capital using any of the following methods:

  • Online application

    Want to know how to get a personal loan online? Use the personal loan apply online feature on our website and get it approved almost instantly

  • Call us

    You can call and talk to one of our customer care executives on our toll-free number – 1860 267 6060 about all your queries about personal loan- how to apply, eligibility, etc.

  • Meet us physically

    Don't know how to apply for a Personal Loan online? You can physically visit any of our nearby branches and talk to our Tata Capital representatives for all your queries.

  • Virtual assistant

    Our smart virtual assistant ‘TIA’ is at your service 24/7 for all your queries about personal loan. How to apply, interest rates, you ask, and she'll answer!

How are Personal Loan Applications processed?

The process of sanctioning a personal loan is straightforward as it is a collateral-free loan with minimal documentation requirements. Once you have applied along with the necessary documents, here’s how it is processed-

1. Once the lender receives your personal loan application, they will verify and confirm your personal details and address through your KYC documents.

2. They will also verify your banking and income details such as salary deposits made into the account, salary payslips, or income tax returns to determine your repayment capacity. 

3. The lender might also consider your credit score to ascertain your creditworthiness

4. Finally, the lender will consider your age, number of years of employment left, etc., to determine the loan amount it can offer along with the repayment period.

If all documents are in order and you are eligible for the loan, the lender will approve your loan application.

More Personal Loan products for you

Personal Loan for government employees
Personal Loan for government employees

Personal Loan for government employees

If you are a government employees looking for a way out of a cash crunch, let Tata Capital ease your financial pains! Get an instant personal loan within a few minutes.

Personal Loan for salaried employees
Personal Loan for salaried employees

Personal Loan for salaried employees

If you are a salaried employees looking for a way out of a cash crunch, let Tata Capital ease your financial pains! Get an instant personal loan within a few minutes.

Personal Loan for women
Personal Loan for women

Personal Loan for women

If you are a women looking for a way out of a cash crunch, let Tata Capital ease your financial pains! Get an instant personal loan within a few minutes.

What our customers say about us

Thanks for the support provided by Tata Capital during my bad days. The team gave me valuable support.


Personal Loan | 03 May, 2024

I have already appreciated the patience and professionalism that your staff has given during the entire tenure of this loan with Tata Capital. The practices and the way you interact with customers are best and are testimony of the TATA GROUP legacy. I am sincerely obliged to you for your help and cooperation.


Personal Loan | 02 May, 2024

Your services are very good. You understand the problems of your customers, and you will continue to be the first to help your customers in the future.


Personal Loan | 01 May, 2024

Tata Capital's work is very good, and their customer support is very helpful. Thank you, Tata.


Personal Loan | 30 April, 2024

Our experience with Tata Capital seems excellent. We are grateful for their consistent financial support tailored to Our needs. Tata Capital appears to be a humble organization with supportive and helpful staff, always treating customers with respect and value. We express gratitude to all Tata Capital members.


Personal Loan | 27 April, 2024

Excellent service. Tata Capital is my go-to source for funds in an emergency. I will refer all my friends and family members to get financial services from Tata Capital.


Personal Loan | 22 April, 2024

Excellent services provided. Looking forward for future requirements. Like to travel with tata capital along journey of life.


Personal Loan | 18 April, 2024

Dear Team, That was a really good experience for me. I have a good history and experience with Tata capital. Whatever feedback I give, they take it seriously and work on it to resolve the same. Tata capital is good as always. Thanks for the loan.


Personal Loan | 14 April, 2024

It is going to be a good relation with Tata Capital as I got help from here when I was not getting help from anywhere. Thanks for the trust.


Personal Loan | 09 April, 2024

Find the right Loan for you

Overdraft Loan

Need instant cash for those unexpected needs? Tata Capital offers Personal Loan Overdraft facility with the flexibility to withdraw funds as per your need and pay interest only on the utilized amount.

Avail multiple withdrawals and part-payment facilities without any extra charges.

Overdraft Loan Overdraft Loan

Personal Loan for Wedding

A marriage today comes with its fair share of frills, thrills and not to mention - Bills.

An equal lifetime as partners, with highs and lows, joys and woes for better or worse, must begin with taking equal financial responsibility for your wedding too

Personal Loan for Wedding Personal Loan for Wedding

Personal Loan for Medical

In times of emergency, getting funds should be a hassle free experience. That’s how we have designed our Medical Loan - a loan that is easy, fast and convenient.

We provide flexible repayment options for all cosmetic, medical and dental procedures.

Personal Loan for Medical Personal Loan for Medical

Personal Loan for Travel

Want to fund your vacation but falling short on funds? An EMI based loan can be an ideal way to pay for a holiday that you can’t quite cover in one go.

Tata Capital Personal Loan for Travel is how you can make it happen. Head off on your next adventure.

Personal Loan for Travel Personal Loan for Travel

Personal Loan for Home Renovation

Thinking of revamping your home? A home that reflects your personality, your style and your taste. We help you do just that with our Personal Loan for Home Renovation.

From making extensive upgrades to your interiors to finally addressing your basic repair and maintenance needs, we are the answer to your home needs. You deserve a better home. We’re here to help you.

Personal Loan for Home Renovation Personal Loan for Home Renovation