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Information About Home Extension Loan


As families grow, their needs, desires, requirements and aspirations also tend to change with time. We at Tata Capital value your aspirations. To cater to your growing needs, we have introduced Home Extension Loan, that enables you to expand your home to create more space for your loved ones.  You can use this home extension loan to set up a garden, add a balcony, build a new study room for your children…the possibilities are endless. However, home extension projects can also be expensive. From buying raw materials to paying contractors, builders, interior designers and more, the costs tend to stack up. But with our Flexi EMI repayment options and affordable interest rates, you don’t have to worry about financing the big and spacious home that you and your family truly deserve. 

How does one take a Home Extension Loan?

To successfully take a Home Extension Loan, you just have to follow a few simple steps. In fact, it can entirely be done online.

  • Check your home loan eligibility
  • Select your loan amount and tenure
  • Submit your application & upload your documents online
  • Funds will be credited in to your account.

What are the basic requirements in getting your Home Extension Loan approved?

To be eligible for Home Extension Loan, you have to meet a few basic criteria. You should be in the age group of 21 to 58 (at the time of completion of the Home Extension Loan). Additionally, you should earn minimum Rs 20,000 per month and have at least two years of work experience.

Learn more about Home Extension Loan Eligibility and Documents for further details.

What can you use the Home Extension Loan for?

A Home Extension project involves creating and adding more space within the house. Usually, it means expanding the house to add a few more rooms to ac