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4 Approved Properties found in Karnatka, Bengaluru by Prestige Developers

What are Approved Housing Projects?

Approved housing projects are those where Tata Capital Housing Finance legally & technically approves the project first-hand. Every homeowner who wishes to own property from a credible developer must look for the Advanced Processing Facility number or APF number or code. This APF code indicates that a particular project has received the necessary approvals that support its credibility, saving homeowners from the hassles of gathering legal documents of the project from the developer.

How are Housing Projects approved by us?

Tata Capital initiates legal & technical valuation on the Project through a process known as the Advanced Processing Facility. For this process –

  • The site of construction is assessed for compliance with respect to the Sanction plan regarding the property’s height, distance of the building from the boundary, built-up area, number of units, and usage adherence

  • The loading factor is checked

  • Factors that could lead to marketability issues are checked – narrow access, nearby graveyards or slums, poor infrastructure, and the likes

  • The quality of construction is also checked

  • The progress of the project is assessed

  • Project pricing is assessed in comparison to the prevalent market rates

  • Property Identification is also done by our technical officer

What are the advantages of choosing a housing project that is approved by us?

Ease of Loan Approval – The major advantage of choosing a housing project that is approved by us is that it eliminates the delay in your home loan application. Since, the housing project has already passed through the stages of legal and technical appraisals; there is nothing to come in the way of easy loan processing. Plus, choosing a property that has been approved by the experts will prove to be safe and wise decision as you do not have to worry about any future legal hassles. 

How to find approved projects in your city?

You can choose from our huge database of approved housing projects.

In order to find approved projects, you need to fill in the details in the three boxes on top of the page. In the first one, you need to enter the state where you are looking for an approved project. The next one is for the city’s name whereas the third one is for the builder’s name. Once you have entered the three, the finder will automatically display the list of approved projects that match your search along with their respective address.

To get more details of approved projects in your city, kindly contact your nearest Tata Capital Housing Finance Branch

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