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Equipment Finance

Avail Digital Equipment Loans
up to Rs. 1 Crore

  • Attractive ROIs
  • Customizable Loan tenure

Equipment Leasing

Avail Leasing solutions
for all asset classes

  • Up to 100% financing
  • No additional collateral required

Commercial Vehicle Finance

If you’re thinking of purchasing new commercial vehicles or expanding your existing fleet, you can apply for a Tata Capital Commercial Vehicle Loan and meet your financial obligations with ease.

We provide commercial vehicle loans for purchasing both new and pre-used commercial vehicles, such as buses, trucks, taxis, auto rickshaws, tempos, etc. We provide customized financing solutions to a wide range of industries and also finance heavy-duty commercial vehicles, such as cement bulkers, oil tankers, mixers, bulldozers, and special cargo trailers, among others.

What is a Commercial Vehicle Loan?

Commercial vehicle finance can be availed by individuals who need a commercial vehicle for their occupation, such as a milkman, trucker, taxi driver, etc.

Tata Capital’s Commercial Vehicle Finance can enable you to purchase, upgrade, or replace your commercial vehicles easily and economically. You can take a loan to purchase or lease new vehicles and repay the amount in Equated Monthly Instalments or EMIs. We provide commercial vehicle loans to a range of beneficiaries, including individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and large companies.

Features of Commercial Vehicle Finance

Looking to purchase new commercial vehicles for your business or expand your existing fleet? Apply for Tata Capital’s Commercial Vehicle Finance and meet all your requirements without any hassles. Below are the salient features of our commercial vehicle loans that make them a useful option:

Wide Range of Vehicles

We provide commercial vehicle finance to help the borrower purchase a wide range of vehicles across industries. You can use our commercial vehicle loan to buy trucks, cars, buses, cargo vans, utility vehicles, and other light and heavy commercial vehicles.

Flexible Repayment Tenure

You can choose from a flexible repayment tenure and repay your loan at your convenience. Our commercial vehicle loans come with tenures between three to five years.

No Additional Security Required

You are not required to submit any additional security to avail of a commercial vehicle loan from us. You can even enjoy collateral-free financing to purchase new commercial vehicles for your business, as the vehicle bought acts as collateral.

New and Used Vehicles

We provide commercial vehicle finance for purchasing new and pre-used commercial vehicles. By refinancing your vehicles, you can reduce your business operating costs significantly.

Simple Eligibility Criteria

Our commercial vehicle loans come with very simple eligibility criteria and minimal paperwork. Moreover, you can get this loan by applying online from the convenience of your home or office.

Advantages of Commercial Vehicle Loan

Below are a few reasons why you should opt for Tata Capital’s Commercial Vehicle Loan to finance your purchase of business vehicles:

  • Receive up to 100 % finance for your Commercial Vehicles*

  • Minimum Documentation

  • Structured Financing Solutions

  • Flexible Repayment Options

  • Attractive Schemes with OEMs

  • Instant Loan Processing

  • Quick Disbursal

  • Customized Financing Options

  • Pre-Approved Offers

Who can apply for a Commercial Vehicle Loan

At Tata Capital, we provide commercial vehicle finance to a wide range of customers, including:

  • Individuals who need commercial vehicles for their living

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

  • Proprietorship firms and partnership firms

  • Private and public limited companies

  • First-time users

  • Transporters

The precise eligibility criteria depend on several factors, such as the applicant’s age, business experience, monthly income, and credit score, among others. You can apply for a commercial vehicle loan with us to finance the purchase of a new or pre-used commercial vehicle for your business. We will ask you to submit the bare minimum of documents, including your KYC documents, income proof, address proof, and bank statements, among others.

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