NA/NH The credit score signifies “not applicable” or “no history”. This online credit score means you either haven’t taken a loan or used a credit card and have no credit history.
350 – 549 If this is your online credit score, it is considered bad and you’re highly unlikely of getting a loan sanctioned. Your CIBIL report will have late payments of credit card bills and EMIs, or loan defaults. A poor credit score identifies you as a high-risk borrower who may turn into a defaulter.
550 – 649 This range of credit score is considered fair. The online credit score depicts that you are struggling to clear your dues and monthly instalments on time. Here, your credit score and credit report may qualify you for loans at steep interest rates.
650 – 749 Your credit score is considered decent. With good credit behaviour and disciplined repayment habits, take your credit score up. Lenders will check your online credit score and consider your loan application. However, at this credit score you may not receive the most favourable loan terms.
750 – 900 This is an excellent credit score range. The online credit score indicates that you have regularly repaid your loans and cleared pending credit card dues on time. With your credit report, you’ll be considered a low-risk borrower. Lenders will perform credit score check online to offer more competitive interest rates and bigger loan amounts.