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What does a Business Loan EMI Stand for?


A business loan EMI is an equated monthly instalment repayment method. When you take a business loan you could repay in several ways. One of the ways of repaying is through equated monthly instalments. EMI's help you to repay the loan in small fixed amounts. EMI is calculated on the basis of the loan amount, tenure of the loan and interest rate applicable for the loan.


What is a Business Loan EMI calculator?


We calculate EMIs using three parameters - the amount of loan, the number of years for which the loan is availed and the interest charged on the loan. The loan you take comes at a cost which is the interest charged on the loan amount for the period of the business loan. Since EMI repayment involves paying a fixed sum every month you are reducing your loan for business by that amount. Thus, every month the interest charged is on a reducing balance. Manual calculation of the interest on reducing balance is a tedious affair. But, technology helps us to make EMI calculations easier through a business loan EMI calculator.


You can use the EMI calculator to determine how much-fixed amount you can repay comfortably. You should decide how much EMI you can afford considering the state of your business. The simple way is to determine the surplus which is revenues minus expenses. Based on the surplus generated every month you can decide how much EMI you can afford. EMI is an excellent way to help you manage your finances better since you know exactly how much money you have to repay every month for the agreed tenure to close out the loan.


How to calculate your EMI using a Business Loan calculator?


You can use the Business Loan EMI calculator to decide on the EMI you are comfortable to accept. The EMI calculator seeks three parameters from you which are

  • The loan amount
  • The interest rate
  • The tenure of the loan

You input these values into the calculator and it will tell you the EMI payable. You can iterate by changing the values. Each iteration results in values depicting

  • Exact EMI payable
  • Interest payable for the period of the loan
  • Total amount payable inclusive of principal and interest

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Should you take a Tata Capital Business Loan?


Taking a loan is your prerogative and it depends on the state of your business. If you need funds for your enterprise, Tata Capital Business Loan provides you with an unsecured loan with simple formalities.


You are eligible for a business loan if you are between 25 and 65 years of age and your business,

  • Shows profits for the previous three years
  • Shows a minimum of Rs 40 lakhs turnover
  • Does not show declining trend in turnover
  • Files ITR of at least Rs 3 lakhs
  • Is audited by CA

You can avail business loans with the following features

  • Loan amount between Rs 3 lakhs and 50 lakhs depending on your income and capacity to repay
  • Loan tenure between 12 and 36 months


How Much EMI do you have to pay?


You can use the Business Loan EMI calculator to decide on the EMI you want to pay based on the financials of your enterprise.


What are the business loan documents you need to apply?


You need to produce the following documents in order to apply for a business loan:

  • Application form
  • KYC documents
  • Business ownership documents
  • Trade licenses
  • ITR for two years
  • Audited P/L and balance sheet for two years
  • 6-month latest bank statement
  • Any other document as required by law


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We offer business loans if you are

We have specials schemes for women who run MSMEs such as catering business, beauty salons and day care centers.

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