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Understanding the Agarbatti Business Model

Agarbatti or incense sticks are one of the most commonly used products in Indian households for prayer and offering. It is a simple yet profitable business idea to start with minimal investment. In this article, we will discuss how to start an agarbatti business and prepare a basic business plan for it.

Required Investment

To start a small scale agarbatti business from home, you would need around Rs. 50,000 to 1 lac as initial investment. The major expenses include renting a small workspace, raw materials like bamboo sticks, paste and essential oils, packaging materials and initial inventory. You can start with basic equipment like a mixing machine, sealing machine and sticks making machine.

For a larger production unit, you may require Rs. 5-10 lakhs for machinery, warehouses, workers' salaries etc. It is advisable to start small and use some of the business loan for scaling up the operations in future.

Raw Materials for Agarbatti Business

The key raw materials required are bamboo sticks, agarbatti paste and essential oils. Good quality bamboo sticks can be sourced directly from suppliers or you can make arrangements for local procurement. Several varieties of agarbatti pastes and essential oils are available depending on the fragrances you want to offer. Ensure you choose suppliers known for purity and consistency in quality.

Different Licenses Required for Agarbatti Making Business

Company Registration

Company registration is the first and foremost requirement to start an agarbatti manufacturing business. Entrepreneurs can choose to register their venture as a private limited company, proprietorship or partnership firm with the Registrar of Companies (ROC).


All businesses with a turnover of over Rs. 40 lakhs annually must obtain a GST registration number. Even if initial sales projections are lower, it is wise to register for GSTIN to future-proof your agarbatti business for growth. Apply via the GST portal by furnishing basic details.

EPF Registration

Employee Provident Fund (EPF) registration from Employees' Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) is necessary only if the headcount exceeds 20. It ensures social security for eligible workers.

ESI Registration

Similarly, Employee State Insurance (ESI) registration with concerned authorities is required if the workforce is more than 10. It provides medical benefits and income during sickness or unemployment.

Trade License

A municipal trade license granted by the local body verifies your business activity within their limits. Mention operation details while applying to obtain this essential license.

Factory License

Larger manufacturing setups are subject to certain compliances and require clearances from pollution boards. Factor licensing verifies these safety and emission norms before approving commercial production.

Pollution Certificate

The state pollution control board will inspect your premises to ensure all environmental protocols before granting the pollution control certificate.

Properly fulfilling statutory compliances protects your agarbatti business from penalties and also lends credibility in the market. Consult industry experts for suitable registrations based on your requirements.

Manufacturing Process

  • Once you have procured the raw materials, follow these basic steps to manufacture agarbattis:

  • Weigh and mix the agarbatti paste and essential oils in prescribed ratios as per the fragrances.

  • Dip the bamboo sticks in the paste mixture and allow it to dry completely. This process may take 24 to 48 hours.

  • Once dried, cut the sticks to uniform sizes usually ranging between 6-9 inches for domestic market.

  • Pack the sticks attractively in standard packaging sheets of 20-100 sticks. Plastic or paper boxes are also used.

  • Label the packets with brand name, net weight, MRP and other details as per [FSSAI guidelines].

  • Store the finished products in a dry, hygienic warehouse before dispatch.

  • You can undertake small trial production runs initially and then scale up based on the market response. Integrating automated machinery can help increasing productivity over time.

Marketing and Sales

Offline Channels

The agarbatti business largely relies on retail outlets, general/kirana stores, religious outlets and other small shopkeepers for sales. You need to actively promote your brands among these channels. Offer lucrative trade margins and schemes for high volume dealers. Conduct local exhibition/fairs to increase brand awareness.

Online Channels

Leverage e-commerce websites to gain pan-India reach. Create your own professional company website integrating options like online shop, wholesale inquiry, product catalogues etc. Optimize it for high search engine ranking. Promote through social media ads and influencer associations.

Packaging and Branding

Attractive packaging plays a vital role, especially for competing with established brands. Use vibrant colors, catchy design elements along with key USPs. Register a unique brand name reflecting tradition and trust. Get certification from governing bodies to ensure product quality standards.

Financial Planning and Record Maintenance

Maintain proper books of accounts to track revenues, expenses, profit/loss on monthly/annual basis. This helps in financial planning, availing tax benefits and addressing issues if any. Avail GST registration benefits. Explore growth opportunities by applying for business loan rates and charges for working capital or expansion needs. Hire services of chartered accountants for compliance and advisory roles.


Running an agarbatti production business requires diligence at each stage from supplier relationship to last-mile delivery. With focused marketing, continuous quality enhancement and leveraging available financial support policies, it has potential for stable revenues as well as business scalability over the long term. Proper financial planning and compliance management is key.

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