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What is Consumer Durable Loan Interest Rates and Charges?

At Tata Capital, we offer consumer durable loans with very nominal interest rates and charges so that you can purchase your favorite electronic gadgets and appliances without any worries. Our consumer durable loan interest rate starts from 0% to ensure that you don’t feel any additional financial burden while shopping for the desired products on EMI. 

Furthermore, we levy zero to minimal consumer durable loan charges to make your buying experience smoother and highly affordable. In the concrete, Tata Capital’s consumer durable loan interest rates and charges are negligible when compared to the utility of products that you can purchase using them. 

What are the applicable Fees and Charges?

    Apart from the consumer durable loan interest rate, you might incur several types of fees and charges upon availing of our loans. The table below depicts some of the consumer durable loan charges levied by us:

    Processing Fee Rs 0 to Rs 10,000
    Bounce Charges

    First Presentation - Rs 450 + GST


    Second Presentation - NA

    Mandate Registration Charge NIL
    Mandate Rejection Service Charge Rs 450 + GST for every rejection
    EMI Pick-up/ Collection Charges NIL
    Arbitration Filing Rs 2,000
  • Processing Fee

    Lenders usually charge a one-time processing fee to cover the administrative expenses that they incur while processing and sanctioning your loan application. At Tata Capital, you can avail of a consumer durable loan with zero to minimal processing charges.

  • Bounce Charges

    Bounce charges are levied by lenders in case a borrower’s bank returns the EMI payment through a cheque or an ECS mandate. It might happen due to several reasons, such as insufficient balance in the bank account, etc. 

  • Mandate Registration Charge

    When you take the disbursal of a loan, you’re required to register for an e-mandate for the payment of your EMIs through the Electronic Clearing Service (ECS) facility. Some lenders may charge a small mandate registration fee for providing this facility.

  • EMI Pick-up or Collection Charges

    If you’ve opted to pay your EMIs through post-dated cheques, the lender might levy an EMI pick-up or cheque collection charge. At Tata Capital, we provide an EMI pick-up facility without charging anything for it.

  • Arbitration Filing Charges

    In case you want to file an arbitration case for the settlement of a dispute, the lender may charge you with arbitration filing charges. These charges are levied to cover the costs of hiring an arbitrator and other administrative expenses.

Miscellaneous Charges

    Apart from the consumer durable loan charges mentioned above, your lender may levy some miscellaneous charges on your loan. Below is a list of the miscellaneous charges levied on our loans:


    Statement of Accounts Charges

    Soft Copy – Free

    Hard Copy - Rs 250 + GST

    Foreclosure/Prepayment Charges NIL
    Foreclosure Charges for Top-Ups NIL
    Loan Cancellation & Rebooking Charges NIL
    Duplicate Repayment Schedule NIL
    Duplicate NOC Issuance Charges NIL
    Late Payment Charges 3% on the overdue amount per month
    Instrument Swap Charges Rs 550 + GST
    Document Retrieval Charges (per retrieval) NIL
    EBC & Push Card Replacement Fee NA
    EBC & Push Card Annual Fee NA
    Legal Charges (Sec 138 and Sec 25) Rs 1200
    Receiver Order District Court NA
    Receiver Order High Court NA
    Demand Notice/Loan Recall Notice Rs 40
    Execution of Award Rs 2000