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Electronics on EMI

Get any electronics on EMI

Many consumers tend to put off the purchase of the latest electronic devices and gadgets in anticipation of a windfall such as a bonus or a festival discount. With the consumer durable loans from Tata Capital, you need no longer defer your purchases, since it’s now possible to split the cost of a product across multiple convenient EMIs. These zero percent interest loans enable consumers like you to buy electronics online without worrying about the high initial purchase price.

What are the electronics against which you can get CDL?

You can utilize consumer durable loans to purchase a variety of electronic devices. Some of the gadgets that can be purchased on EMIs are:

  • Action cameras

  • Smart watches

  • Headphones

  • Gaming consoles

  • Home security systems

What are the benefits of buying electronics on EMI?

With Tata Capital, consumers wishing to buy electronics on EMI get to swap old electronics for newer versions, which use state-of-the-art technology and come with new-age premium features. The best part is that you can expand your budget and purchase electronics in a higher price band, since there’s no significant initial expense involved in a no-cost EMI scheme.


Other benefits associated with buying electronics with a consumer durable loan on EMI include:

  • Customizable Easy Monthly Installments (EMIs)

  • Immediate loan approval

  • Minimum documentation

  • Zero percent interest rates

Eligibility criteria for buying products on EMI

Tata Capital offers extremely relaxed eligibility criteria for Consumer Durable Loan, so users from various walks of life can apply for these loans. Some of these requirements are listed here.

  • Minimum age requirement: 21 years.

  • Maximum age requirement for salaried consumers: 60 years

  • Maximum age requirement for self-employed consumers: 65 years

  • Minimum loan amount: Rs. 10,000

  • Maximum loan amount: Rs. 5 lakhs

  • Minimum tenure of a loan: 6 months

  • Maximum tenure: 24 months

List of documents required to get electronics on EMI

The following list of documents is all that’s necessary for consumers like you, who are seeking to avail of a consumer durable loan from Tata Capital.

  • Identity proof and address proof

  • A cheque leaf that has been duly cancelled

  • One recent passport-sized photograph

  • A signed ECS mandate

  • A signed cheque, without the date, issued for the full amount of the loan in favour of TCFSL


You can finance purchases up to Rs. 5 lakhs using Tata Capital’s consumer durable loan. Furthermore, loans up to Rs. 1.5 lakhs are instantly approved. 

No, you do not require an EMI card to obtain a consumer durable loan. To avail of this loan, you only need to meet our eligibility criteria and submit the necessary documents.

The processing fees on Tata Capital’s consumer durable loan depend on the purchase price of the product. These fees can range from Rs. 89 to Rs. 10,030.

Some examples of documents that qualify as an address proof include:

  • Driving license

  • Voter ID

  • Passport

  • NREGA card

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