True to the spirit of the Tata companies, Tata Capital believes that Corporate Sustainability is the cornerstone for business operations. At the conceptual level, Tata Capital's fundamental views on CSR are oriented towards stakeholder-participation approach where the target group(s) are seen as stakeholder(s) in the community whose well-being is integral to the long term success of the company and not merely a charity-oriented approach. Tata Capital has a defined its CSR vision and purpose to drive CSR implementation and achieve desired results and impact.


To create shared value for the community at large in line with the Tata Group’s core purpose


We endeavour to improve the lives of the community, especially the socially and economically underprivileged communities, by making a long term, measurable and positive impact through projects in the areas of Education, Skill Development, Climate Action and Health.


At Tata Cleantech Capital, we focus on building a cleaner and brighter future for the rural communities as well as for the environment.



India has taken an ambitious target of installing 450 GW of renewable energy by 2030. The work of expanding the reach of grid electricity to each household is already underway across the country. However, there are numerous small and isolated hamlets which face challenges like unavailability of power, unreliable power, unviable economics of setting up the grid system in an isolated location, poor last mile management, etc.

The Green Switch project, initiated in FY18, was envisaged to build a sustainable and scalable model to provide clean and reliable energy to such remote locations by bringing in business expertise for community development action.

Tata Capital in partnership with local NGO partners and technical partners like Gram Oorja Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has developed a Private Public Partnership model to install and sustainably operate decentralised solar micro grid projects for unelectrified homes and community spaces in remote hamlets. Within this model, the capital expenditure of the installation is funded by Tata Capital and the maintenance of the systems is borne by the community members by paying electricity bills. The decentralised solar micro-grids are created and owned by respective Village Committees.

Till FY20, TCCL has provided clean energy to 4 unlit hamlets with 223 houses in Shahapur, Thane, Maharashtra. In FY21, TCCL is building decentralised solar micro grids for 6 hamlets with 365 households in Kurdeg, Simdega, Jharkhand.


As a part of our corporate sustainability initiative Tata Cleantech Capital Limited, in association with Diganta Swaraj Foundation, has initiated a solar backed Water project on river Kunti and it’s 18 tributaries in Mokhada, rural Maharashtra.

Mokhada, is in the water stress area where clean drinking water has always been a problem and generating income through agriculture becomes a challenging issue. The scope of this 3 year project is to ensure availability of clean drinking water and water for livelihoods with the use of solar pumping systems on river Khunti and its tributaries in Mokhada, Maharashtra. The project will bring 200 acres of land under cultivation through vegetable cultivation, floriculture and horticulture

As part of Phase 1 of Project Ecosphere, Line 1, 2 and 3 was inaugurated by TCCL MD Mr. Manish Chourasia on 20th Jan ’21 at Village Poshera, Mokhada covering 4 hamlets and benefitting 91 farmers. Approx. 100 acres of land will be brought under cultivation in this phase.


TCCL installed rooftop solar panels of 50.05 kW capacity at base hospital of AJEH in Mastichak, Patna, Bihar which will help reduce dependency on diesel generators, reduce their utility cost and decrease their carbon footprint.


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