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Affirmative Action

Education and Skill Development

To ensure holistic education & development through supplementary education, child development, scholarships for higher education and upskilling of youth for sustainable livelihood

Cluster Development

The Cluster Development project is an educational project targeted towards upliftment of tribal and underprivileged children, mostly first generation learners. The cluster development model aims at holistic education which incorporates infrastructure, pedagogy and personality development with the support of grassroots level NGOs. The project is operational in Palghar and Sudhagad Taluka in Maharashtra and Jalpaiguri in West Bengal. Through the project, we have reached out to more than 20,000 children in these communities.


In line with the National Financial Literacy Assessment Test (NFLAT), TCFSL has developed a free online Financial Literacy E-Learning course. DhanGyan is a comprehensive curriculum that builds on environmental sustainability along with financial literacy and therefore accentuates direct linkage between consumerism and resource depletion. The course is available in English and Hindi at or through a mobile app ‘DhanGyan’ on Google Play store. The e-module is currently used by 12,000+ children and adult learners.

Tata Capital Pankh Scholars

The objective of Pankh Scholarship program, started in FY13-14, is to mentor and fund the education for young academic achievers from economically underprivileged and Affirmative Action families. The uniqueness of this project is that Pankh is entirely driven through our employees. Our employees recommend candidates who may come from their household support staff families for scholarships. These scholarships are customised to cover the tuition fees, hostel fees, any technology support, etc. as per the need of the candidate and mentoring. The project mentors 70+ youth.

ProAspire – BFSI Skilling Initiative

In line with Skill India Initiative, Tata Capital has taken a challenge not only to train but also provide placement to the youth in the BFSI sector. Tata Capital partners with various prominent training institutes in BFSI sector to train and place youth as Business Correspondents or Business Development Executives (BDE) in rural, semi-rural and urban areas. Since the past 2 years, more than 2500+ candidates have been trained and over 65% candidates have been placed. Our target is to reach to 2000 potential candidates year on year.

Mumbai Mobile Crèches (MMC)

Tata Capital supports some of the crucial aspects of the programme at MMC; education, nutrition, health & hygiene and teacher’s salaries. The project aims to provide the best possible care and education to the children of labourers and workers at construction sites. The project has reached out to more than 900 children.

Climate Action

To support communities in building resilience against climate change through projects focusing on water security, renewable energy and other mitigation and adaptation initiatives.


JalAadhar is Tata Capital’s Watershed project which aims to augment the water tables of drought prone regions. The project activities help in enhancing the water capacity of the soil and drainage for larger percolation of rainwater, building efficient water management and water budgeting outlook through better agricultural practices which will also increase the income levels of the farmers. This project is implemented in Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra and Kancheepuram district in Tamil Nadu.

The Green Switch

The aim of the project is to provide electricity to unelectrified houses and community spaces through renewable energy. Tata Capital in partnership with Gram Oorja Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and local NGO partners has developed a Private Public Partnership model. Within this model, the capital expenditure of the installation is funded by Tata Capital and the maintenance of the systems is paid by the community members based on their utilization. The project is being implemented in Shahapur, Thane, Maharashtra.

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Tata Capital has partnered with WaterAid India to implement an integrated Water, Sanitation and Hygiene program at a community level. The aim of the project is to increase the availability of water, increase access to clean drinking water and provide sanitation facilities in order to increase the hygiene levels through a participatory and behavior change approach with the community. This is a two-year project which will target 5000 members in 4 notified slums and 5 government schools in Hyderabad.


To provide necessary skills and handhold budding entrepreneurs in BFSI and other sectors

Aspire to Enterprise

Tata Capital supports partners that provide the skills and handholding to the candidates interested in starting their own business. Potential entrepreneurs are trained with Udyogwardhini Shikshan Sanstha in entrepreneurial skills and domain skills like BFSI. Till date, more than 100 individuals are upskilled to be entrepreneurs either in BFSI, or vocational sectors.


To provide financial, counselling, care & treatment support for cancer patients and visually impaired individuals

Cancer CELL (Care and Elixir for Life and Living)

Tata Capital supports various institutions and NGOs to provide for care and treatment of Cancer patients through safe shelter, nutrition and treatment. Below are some of our partner organisations:

  • St. Judes at Kharghar is supported to provide food starter packs and nutritional supplements for patients and the support extends to cover the operations of 4 residential units in Mumbai.
  •  Funding for treatment with the help of Cancer Patients Aids Association and Indian Cancer Society
  • Infrastructure funding for Tata Medical Centre Trust, Kolkata


Visual impairment is one of the major challenges that faces India today. Tata Capital in partnership with eyecare Hospitals and NGOs is striving to reduce the curable visual impairment cases through early detection camps and treatment of cataract. The project is operational in Palghar district in Maharashtra.

Project Garima

Project Garima, a Tata Trust Project, aims to uphold the dignity of the conservancy workers of Mumbai. Tata Capital is supporting the healthcare aspect of this project in the M/E ward by providing subsidised preventive & quality healthcare services through a clinic set-up for them and their family members. The services of the clinic are also extended to the nearby communities as well.

Sports, Art and Culture

To support training of young talent in sports and to preserve & promote Indian Classical Music through association with music academies, scholarships for young and talented artists and providing access to platforms for performances

Indian Classical Music

Tata Capital supports various Indian Classical Music Academies like Maharashtra Lalit KalaNidhi, Shakhri Begum Memorial Trust, Vrindaban Trust, Shankar Mahadevan Academy, etc. in India to promote the performing art and train potential artists in musical instruments and singing. The project also provides platforms to these talented artists to showcase their talent. In some cases, the Pankh Scholarship is also extended to the talented underprivileged students from the partner Academies.

Sports, Art and Culture

A badminton academy started by Prakash Padukone that supports identification and training of future badminton champions. The academy has produced multiple national and international level badminton champions and is renowned around the country for producing world class badminton players. Tata Capital supports this academy.