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Business Loan - What are Flexi EMIs


When the time comes when you want to expand your business with either a larger area, new employees or a brand new product line, you need to have cash reserves for the expansion. However, not many business owners have the cash readily available and require outside financing with a business loan. The first step to get a business loan is finding the one that suits your requirements.

The business loan process can be tedious and requires a lot of research in terms of EMIs, loan tenure and interest rates. At Tata Capital, you will find a variety of business loans with different repayment plans. These flexible repayments options for your business finance let you repay your loan as per your cash flow.

  • Step Up Flexi EMI plan

This EMI plan enables you to increase your fixed monthly EMIs without any hassle every year to keep up with the increment in your income. With this annual upgrade, you can repay the business loan with convenience. This commercial loan repayment plan is best suited for those who are expecting a healthy growth in their income every year and want more money each month since the monthly payments are lower.

  • Step Down Flexi EMI plan

If you have a higher disposal income every month, the Step Down Flexi EMI plan is perfect for you. In this plan, you can begin repayments with a higher EMI and then gradually lower it year after year. Thanks to this accelerated business loan EMI plan, you can save a significant amount of money on finance costs.

  • Bullet Flexi EMI

This business loan repayment plan lets you prepay your loan periodically in parts, which helps in bringing down the EMI amount considerably. It's perfect for those expecting periodic incentives or estimating great profit in their business.