Mutual Funds


A mutual fund is managed by a professional fund manager who makes strategic financial investments from a capital that is collected from different investors. This manager, who is an expert in the field, will make investments on behalf of a number of investors with similar financial and investment goals. A mutual fund can invest in stocks, cash, bonds, short-term money market instruments, precious metals or exchange-traded funds. Mutual funds are advantageous because investment decisions are made by subject matter experts. Along with the advantage of the professionally managed funds, an investor also benefits from diversification, broad investment options across sectors and low minimum investment amounts.

At Tata Capital, we have the very best of portfolio managers who make informed decisions based on your unique needs with a clear understanding of the economy and the market. We take a cautious decision that minimises risk while maximising returns using in-house methodology on a quarterly basis. Our research analyses various factors such as volatility of the index versus the fund volatility, peer comparison, benchmark comparison and more.

Mutual Fund Disclosure

Portfolio Management Services


It’s imperative for smart investors to invest in a variety of asset classes. Our Portfolio Management Services (PMS) expert, will assist you in making the right investment decisions whilst the control is still held by you. Alternatively, a portfolio manager can make highly customised financial investments on your behalf in order to create a diverse and customized portfolio. 

Alternate Investment Funds & Structured Products


Any investment that is not considered traditional (for instance mutual funds, PMS etc.) is considered an Alternate Investment Fund. This includes varied investment options such as venture Capital fund, hedge funds, private equity funds, commodity funds, debt funds, infrastructure funds, etc. These are high risk-high return investment propositions that prove beneficial for high net worth individuals as well as corporates. At Tata Capital, you can go beyond traditional forms of investments and make informed decisions that suit your needs and lifestyle with the best advice from our team of experts.  

Real Estate Asset Management


Tata Capital endeavors to work with you to strengthen your investment portfolio. We help both, large scale institutional investors and private investors in securing assets that provide stable income and return on investment. Depending on your requirement, we can offer you properties that are under construction, ready for possession, commercial rental spaces, bungalows, villas and more.

Whether you're looking for a new home or a property to invest in, Tata Capital helps you find the best deals in real estate projects run by reputed developers. The properties range from ₹20 lacs to ₹40 crores and are spread across the countries and overseas.

Our partnership with reputed developers enable us in bringing the best real estate opportunities to you.

Protection Solutions


No matter what circumstance life throws your way, it’s important to protect your loved ones. At Tata Capital, we help you plan for unexpected events by creating financial protections for your loved ones and this includes a sound Life Insurance plan. With a life insurance cover, you can help take care of your loved ones comforts, education, financial security and more. In addition, it also serves additional fiscal benefits with respect to personal taxation and investment transactions. Our comprehensive range of Tata AIA Life Insurance Products can help you meet your protection needs and help you save for a milestone event.



Bonds, also known as fixed income securities, offer investors the option to invest in fixed coupon instruments through the Primary & Secondary market route. At Tata Capital, you can invest in bonds through Primary Issue Bonds & the Secondary market route. Both these markets provide investors with unique and different opportunities to maximise their financial returns.

Primary Issue Bonds

Primary Issue Bonds are issued to corporates or high net worth individuals (HNI) directly through the allotment of Private Placement Issue or Public Issue Offering. The minimum investment amount for Private Placement Issue is generally around ₹1 crore and for Public Issue Offering is around ₹ 10,000 crores.

Secondary Bonds

Majority of transactions within the bond market actually takes place through Secondary Bond market route. Here, either corporates or high net worth individuals (HNI) buy bonds from the primary market and then sell them to investors with a premium on purchase price of bonds. These transactions are done with help of a bond broker. There is no minimum investment amount when it comes to trading within the secondary bond market. 

Corporate Fixed Deposits


Tata Capital Wealth Management Solutions offers a wide range of Corporate Fixed Deposits to serve conservative and moderate investors. Our team works with cautious investors and guide them in investing in Corporate Fixed Deposits. They provide you with the opportunity to enjoy consistent returns while also not posing any high risk in the market. At Tata Capital, we provide a wide range of Corporate FDs that can be tailored to suit your needs. You get to choose the frequency of interest pay-outs – be it monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or on maturity.


Fixed Market


Tata Capital Wealth Management Specialist takes an active approach in managing your entire wealth portfolio that includes fixed instruments such as Bonds and Corporate Fixed deposits.  




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