There is a common belief that MF investment is only suitable for long-term investors. But that’s not true! The mutual fund industry offers a world of options that cater to different people and their specific requirements. In fact, there is a category of funds called short-term debt funds or income funds. As the name suggests, these funds allow you to invest your wealth for a short duration and enjoy easy accessibility.

Another feature of these funds is that they generally invest in debt instruments like corporate papers, bank papers and government papers for a duration of 1 to 3 years. Keep reading to learn the benefits of investing in debt funds and the best debt funds for short investments.

Why invest in short-term debt funds?

If you are wondering why you should invest in a debt fund for a short duration, here are a few reasons.

  • Liquidity

A notable benefit of short-term debt funds is that they are liquid and allow great flexibility. Hence, you have the freedom to exit the fund if you face a financial emergency. Plus, unlike other types of mutual funds, you don’t have to pay charges for withdrawing funds.

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  • Stable returns

Since these debt funds have a shorter maturity period, they are comparatively less susceptible to changes in interest rates. Therefore, short-term debt funds yield stable returns on your investment even when the market is down. This makes debt funds suitable for investors who don’t have a high risk tolerance.

  • Tax benefits

Unlike bank deposits, profits earned from short-term debt funds with a maturity period over a year attract lower tax. More so, if the investor comes under the high-tax category. In the past few years, debt funds have offered higher post-tax returns than other non-equity alternatives.

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Over to you

So, if you think mutual funds are only meant for long-term investment, think again. Short-term debt funds are ideal to meet short-term financial goals and targets. But don’t forget to diversify your portfolio and spread your investment in multiple categories and schemes for maximum returns.

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