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Personal Loans

Be it a loan for a holiday abroad, your child's education loan, a loan for home renovation, a loan for a marriage or wedding in the family, repayment of an existing loan, an emergency or even buying that precious gift for your loved one, with Tata Capital's easy Personal Loans, you don't have to worry about financing your dreams and responsibilities.


Flexi EMI Personal Loans

  • Flexi EMIs with Higher Loan Eligibility

Our Flexi EMIs with Higher eligibility makes your dream come true. Choose from multiple repayment options like Step Up, Step Down and Bullet repayment.

  • Instant Online Approvals

Get instant conditional approvals of up to Rs. 25 lacs on your personal loan through our online platform.

  • Minimum Documentation and Verification

With minimum documentation get a conditional online approval for our Personal Loan. Our executives will visit your residence and complete the KYC and documents process.

  • Security or Guarantors not Required

To obtain the Personal Loan, there is absolutely no need to provide any security.


Flexi EMI Personal Loans

Fulfil your dreams today. Pay as your grow.

When it comes to fulfilling dreams that are close to your heart, having multiple repayment options that suit your financial situation help. When you take a Flexi EMI Personal Loan with Tata Capital, you have the freedom to repay your way.


Multiple repayment options on your Home Loan

This plan allows you to increase your fixed monthly EMIs every year to match the increase in your annual income. This gradual annual increase helps you repay your loan without taxing you financially.

Is it ideal for me?

If your EMIs are burning a hole in your pocket, this plan will give you the much-needed relief. It gives you the freedom to increase your EMI along with your yearly pay hike.

Suitable For:

  1. Customers who see a healthy growth in their annual income

This plan allows you to start repaying your personal loan with a higher EMI and lower it year after year. Meaning you can repay faster and save up on finance costs.

Is it ideal for me?

Opt for this plan if you have a high disposable monthly income. It is especially ideal if you are planning to retire and wish to build an asset quickly.

Suitable For:

  1. Customers who have higher disposable monthly income.
  2. Customers who are nearing their retirement age and thus want to build an asset quickly

This plan allows you to prepay your loan in parts at periodic intervals. These periodic payments will help lower your EMI considerably. Moreover, no charges will be levied on your prepayments.

Is it ideal for me?

If you are expecting a bonus or periodic increments on your regular income, this plan is apt for you.

Suitable For:

  1. Customers who can periodically repay a large amount on their Car Loans, e.g.: with an annual bonus
  2. Customers who get regular incentives in their income



Personal Loans are originated and serviced by Tata Capital Financial Services Limited and are at its sole discretion. Flexi EMIs are applicable for salaried individuals only. Terms and conditions apply.

Important Information

Recently there have been cases of fraud being committed under the name of Tata Capital or Tata Finance. Customers are requested to read the attached advisory and be aware of misleading advertisements in the newspapers. Click here to read the advisory and be aware of misleading advertisements in the newspapers.

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