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About Used Cars Loan

Now get a Used Car Loan up to ₹50 lakhs from Tata Capital. Tata Capital’s Pre Owned Car Loan offers used car Loans with easy documentation and competitive interest rates. Your favourite Car is just a click away.

How to get a Used Car Loan?

Now get your Used Car Loan in simple steps. Follow these simple steps to get your loan:

  • Eligibility can be checked online while you are at the dealership
  • Post approval documentation along with application form to be submitted
  • Money transferred to dealer and you have your vehicle

Learn more about Business Loan Eligibility and Required Documents for further details.

Features and Advantages

Our Used Car Loan comes with some great features that allow you to enjoy flexibility and comfort at your fingertips. 

Minimum paperwork

Hardly any paperwork is required for a Used Car Loan.  Almost all the loan activities can be done online without taking the trouble of visiting a branch. The only paperwork we need from you is the application form and rest of the loan-related activities are taken care through our digital platform to make your experience comfortable.


You can decide how you want to repay your loan according to your convenience. Choose from our host of options like ECS, Post-dated cheques and online payment 

Competitive interest rates

Our interest rates are the best among all lenders; we offer rates and calculations that benefit you the most.

High loan amount

You can take as high as ₹50,00,000 of loan amount.

Minimum documents

We ask for minimal documents while processing your request. 

Instant online approval

You can get instant approval through our secure platform once we get all the information and documents from you. 

Eligibility and Documentation


You need to meet some basic conditions to be eligible for a Used Car Loan. Following are the general Used Car Loan eligibility factors:

  • You need to be in the age group of 21-65 years.
  • You should earn a salary of ₹ 20,000 per month.
  • You should have a minimum of 1 year of work experience.


You need to submit:

  • The standard documents required to establish your credentials.
  • Proof of identity and proof of residence.
  • Income documents, ITR, trade license and ownership of business documents relevant to your salary, profession or business.


Basic documentation is required for getting a Used Car Loan. Please visit our Eligibility and Documents page for more details.

Why Choose Us

5 reasons why you should choose us

We care about you

We offer Used Car Loan to meet your fund requirements without bothering you with too many formalities other than the statutory requirements as prescribed by law. 

Our interest rates are unbeatable

Our interest rates are competitive and affordable. We let you tailor everything according to your convenience and ability to repay. 

We’re flexible

Our Used Car Loan lets you choose the loan amount, tenure and EMI period for which you need the loan. 

We are not going to make you run around

We only ask for minimal documentation to process your application. We just need some mandatory information like the source of your income and the purpose for the loan.

We’ve been in the industry for a long time

This means we understand your needs and we will tailor our services to your needs. If you look good, we look good.