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Rishikesh Dalal

  • Used Car Loan

  • Vasai, Mumbai
Amount Requested For

5.0 lakhs


Rishikesh Dalal, a second generation grocery store owner in Vasai experienced that customers were reluctant to come into his small shop to buy daily groceries, due to other easier alternatives like online purchasing. “Dedicated to being there for my community since I took over the shop from my father 15 years ago. I decided that if my customers couldn’t come to us, we would go to them - right to their doorsteps. I used the Used Car Loan to purchase a Maruti Eeco and used it to create a mobile fresh fruit and vegetables shop for nearby localities. There has never been a day that we have gone without providing food to the people in my community, and I wasn’t going to let anything - even a pandemic - change that. And my father taught me that to run a business is to adapt to every circumstance. So here we are, adapting and thriving.

Rishikesh was able to drive to the gates of housing societies and have people buy fresh groceries safely.  

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