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  • Two-Wheeler Loan

  • Lucknow, India
Amount Requested For


 Age – 30

Occupation – Healthcare worker  

 “ During the pandemic, we almost exhausted all our savings. We spent a few months in uncertainty, if the shop where I had worked at hadn't closed, we could have made it through. With our savings running out and 5 mouths to feed, things were seeming hopeless.

I got a job a friend’s uncle's medical store in Hazrat Ganj, and finally, there was hope… but the shop was 20 km away and travelling through public transport is risky when you have 2 little children and an aged mother. I needed a bike but buying one in my situation was not easy. Everyone was counting on me, so I applied for a loan from Tata Capital and by God's grace I got that loan. “

This is Altaf’s story from Lucknow, there are many like him reclaiming their life today with the help of Shubharambh loans from Tata Capital.  


Savitri Rawat | Gurgaon, India

 Savitri Rawat has been employed as an Asha healthcare Worker in Gurgaon since 2016. “During the pandemic, I was assigned the task to work in a Covid Hospital. I was happy to do my job as a frontline worker, but was worried about the little one at home.  

Amount Disbursed

Manpreet Singh | Chandigarh, India

 Manpreet Singh from Chandigarh, who runs a small Cardboard Manufacturing business has faced many difficulties during the lockdown period as due to lack of labour he had to stop his projects midway and was facing many issues while getting any new work.  

Amount Disbursed

Aarti | Bareily, India

I had started working at a small clinic in Bareily as a radiologist when the pandemic hit. We knew then it was going to be tough for healthcare workers. I took every precaution to not expose my family while fulfilling my duty.   

Amount Disbursed