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Raj and Mitali

  • Business Loan

  • Indore, India
Amount Requested For

5.0 lakhs


 “Before the lockdown, I used to drive a rented taxi and she ran a small tiffin service. That’s how we managed our household of six. We made just about enough to make ends meet.

Then came the pandemic. As it raged on, our savings slowly depleted. We needed a solution and we needed it fast.

That's when my wife told me about Shubharambh Loans and suggested that we restart the tiffin service online - she would cook and I would deliver.

We were counting on getting this loan and restarting life. Tata Capital was a lifesaver. With the five lakh loan, we restarted her tiffin business and soon started receiving orders.

This is Raj's and Mitali's story about how they braved the challenges of the pandemic and how they reclaimed their life with belief and determination. We at Tata Capital are glad they could count on us.

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