Uniquely positioned to make the network and expertise work across the deal chain 

About Tata Capital Private Equity

Tata is in a unique position to successfully invest in and build companies. Originally founded in 1868, the firm has a long history of creating and nurturing businesses, and now consists of approximately 100 companies operating in over 40 industry sectors across over 80 countries. It is one of India's most trusted and highly respected companies, and India's most recognised brand.

Tata Capital Private Equity was built on the Tata group's foundation of "leadership with trust". We invest in businesses that offer the potential for significant growth and financial return, and take joint responsibility with owner-managers to execute on the realisation of that potential.

Each Tata Capital private equity fund is run by a separate dedicated and experienced professional team on behalf of its Limited Partner investors. All of these teams have privileged access to Tata's considerable resources to source opportunities, get references on sellers, diligence companies and markets, add value to companies, and build professional and ethical businesses for exit.