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Optimized Business Loan Calculator

What is the Business Loans EMI Calculator?

The Business Loans EMI calculator helps you to understand the EMI that you will pay towards the principal payments and interest payment over the loan tenure. Use the Business Loan EMI calculator to know how much money you can pay monthly over a course of time to repay your loan. With the help of EMI calculator, you can plan your monthly instalments and conveniently pay off the loan.

What does Business Loan EMI stand for?

EMI stands for Equated Monthly Instalments. It is the payment that you make for any loan undertaken for a fixed tenure to pay off the loan. You can take time between 12 to 36 months to repay your business loan with Tata Capital. Your EMI will include principal and interest payments made every month towards the repayment of the loan. Though the amount of EMI does not change, the percentage of principal & interest will change month on month. Initially, the interest is higher but gradually the principal payment is more. The exact percentage of principal and interest will depend on the interest rate charged and the tenure for which the loan is taken.

How to calculate your Business Loan EMI using a calculator?

Enter the following information to calculate your EMI:

  • Business Loan Amount (the loan amount you wish to get)
  • Interest Rate (Tata Capital Business Loan interest rate starts at 19%)
  • Business Loan Tenure (Tata Capital offers tenure of 12 -36 months)
  • Click the Calculate button. The system shows your EMI monthly break-up of both the interest and principal payment.
  • If the Business Loan EMI is higher or lower than you want to pay, edit the principal amount and follow the same steps from 2 to 4.


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