Terms and conditions apply.

The terms and conditions applicable to the Loan facility being opted for, inter alia include the following:

  • This Application Form should not be construed as giving rise to any binding obligation on the part of the Company to provide the financial assistance/ facilities opted for by the applicant.
  • As per the guidelines issued by RBI on Fair Practices Code, the Company has adopted a Fair Practices Code (“Code”) published by the Company on its website www.tatacapital.com. All customers are urged to read and understand the Code before accepting the Sanction Letter.
  • The Loan facility shall be disbursed by the Company to the applicant/s and/or such other person as instructed by the applicant and the amount disbursed by the company to such person shall be valid binding and effectual discharge from the applicant/s.
  • As per the directives issued by RBI, the Company has adopted a Policy for “Determination of Interest Rates, Processing and other Charges”. The rate of interest applicable to the loan facility availed shall be as prevailing on the date/s of disbursement/s and will be based upon the company’s evaluation of the creditworthiness of the applicant/s the risk profiling done by the Company etc. The Company shall review and if necessary revise the rate of interest at any time and during the loan facility at its sole discretion. Policy and prevailing interest rate is published by the Company on its website.
  • In case of any revision in the rates as mentioned in the above clause, EMI amount and/ or tenure of repayment may be varied.
  • Payment of a processing fee is a pre requisite for the loan to be sanctioned. Such fee shall be non - refundable.
  • The due date for repayment of EMI shall depend on the date of disbursement of loan. Accordingly the applicant/s shall be liable to make payment of interest for broken period and the same be communicated at the time of disbursement.
  • Charges such as prepayment charges, foreclosure charges, part prepayment charges, etc. may be applicable to the loan product availed by you. The Company reserves the right to revise these charges from time to time and the same shall be published on its website.


  • I/We declare that all the particulars, information and details given/ filled voluntarily in this application form are true, correct, complete and up-to-date in all respect and that I/We have not withheld any information whatsoever. I/We understand that certain particulars given by me/us are required by the operational guidelines governing non-banking finance companies.
  • I/We hereby confirm that no insolvency proceeding or suits for recovery of outstanding dues or monies whatsoever or for attachment of my/ our assets or properties, and/ or any criminal proceedings have been initiated and/ or are pending against me/ us and that I/We have never been adjudicated insolvent by any court or other authority nor has any receiver, administrator, administrative receiver, trustees or similar officer been appointed for my/our assets.
  • I/We authorize Tata Capital Financial Service Limited (TCFSL) to disclose any information, documents or details relating to my existing loans and/or repayment history to the principal, Income Tax Authorities, Credit Bureaus, Credit Rating Agencies, third parties, databanks, corporate bodies, other banks, financial institutions or any other Government or Regulatory Authorities/Bodies/Departments as and when so demanded. I/We also hereby expressly authorize TCFSL that in order to protect its interest and for the purpose of credit references, credit checks etc. TCFSL shall be entitled to disclose all/any information/ documents or agreement(s), document(s) or arrangements to the following
    • (a) TCFSL’s head office, branches, associates, subsidiaries and agents, service provider, professional advisors or representatives of TCFSL in connection with the loan facility;
    • (b) Any guarantor or third party security service provider of the borrower
    • (c) Any court of law
    • (d) Any bank or financial institution as per normal banking practice; or
    • (e) Any other person as whatsoever as TCFSL may desire.
  • I/We understand and acknowledge that TCFSL shall have the absolute discretion, without assigning any reasons (unless required by applicable law), to reject my/ our application and that TCFSL shall not be responsible/liable in any manner whatsoever to me/us for such rejection or any delay in notifying me/us of such rejection and any costs, losses, damages or expenses, or other consequence caused by reason of such rejection, or any delay in notifying me/us of such rejection of our application.
  • I hereby confirm and duly undertake that the loan is being taken for purpose as stated in the declaration form and also confirm that the loan is not being used for investment / trading in speculative activities business.
  • TCFSL/its Group Companies reserve the right to retain the photographs and documents submitted with the application and will not return the same to the applicant.
  • I/We hereby declare that I/We have understood and read the terms & conditions given above.
  • I/We hereby consent to receive information for marketing purpose through Telephone/Mobile/SMS/ Email by TCFSL/ service provider
  • I/We have read and understood the Privacy Policy available on the website of the Company.

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By submitting the application details given above, I agree and accept the Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions.