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To make your wishes come true, simply sign in to the myLoan App using your social media account and find your #myScore.

This score is based on your digital, social and financial data and it easily enables you to avail of a Personal Loan from Tata Capital. So now happiness doesn't have to wait!

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What is myLoan? How does it work?

myLoan is a new mobile app that allows you to check your 'score' as well as apply for a Personal Loan with Tata Capital. Leveraging the power of social and alternate data, Tata Capital's myLoan app is able to make an intelligent and instantaneous decision with regards to your loan application.

What is #myScore?

#myScore is the number that's assigned to every person after understanding their traits, socially and otherwise. #myScore balances digital, social, financial and alternate data in order to generate a meaningful credit scoring criteria.

After I get #myScore, how do I get a loan?

Once you have calculated #myScore within the app, you can easily jump right into our end-to-end loan application journey. With a few clicks, you can arrive at a decision, all on your mobile. You even have the option to upload your documents in the app itself.

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