Tata Capital

Get up to 100% funding on the car of your choice

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Benefits from Tata capital

  • Funding of up to 85% without
    any income document
  • Quick disbursal and
    hassle-free documentation.
  • Loan tenure period
    of up to 5 years
  • Available on cars
    up to 11 years old

Why Choose Tata capital

Trust and Transparency

We bring the trust and
expertise of Tata to the
world of financial services.

Hassle-free loan disbursement

Loans are approved within 24-36 hours of
complete documentation submission.
No collateral is needed apart from the
car against which the loan is granted.

Simple Documentation

Apply for car loans with
minimal paperwork.


From document collection to
RC transfer, we offer doorstep
service to get you your dream car.

Frequently asked questions

What are the stages involved in availling a car loan from Tata Capital?


Can the EMI on my car loan be reduced or changed?


Who can avail car loans from Tata Capital?


Can I prepay my loan?


The car I wish to purchase is 6 years old. Will I get a loan from Tata Capital?

Yes, Tata Capital can fund vehicles up to 10 years old (at the end of the loan tenure).

Do I need to have a PAN card to avail of a loan?

Yes, a PAN card is a mandatory requirement for a Used Car Loan

Will I get 100% funding for the used car I wish to purchase?

Yes, if you work with one of our listed companies you could be eligible for 100% funding.