Tata Capital Named 2015 Gallup® Great Workplace Award Winner

The Award is based on the ratio of engaged employees to actively disengaged employees, which for Tata Capital is 16 times higher than the international average


Mumbai, June 22nd, 2015 - Tata Capital, the financial services arm of the Tata Group, is proud to announce that it has received the 2015 Gallup Great Workplace Award. The award was created by Gallup, one of the world's leading performance management consultancies, to recognize organizations for their extraordinary ability to create an engaged workplace culture that drives business outcomes. Winners were honored during Gallup's Spring Summit in Omaha, Nebraska, on June 3rd, 2015.


Tata Capital joins a prestigious group of organizations that average a ratio of nine engaged employees to one actively disengaged employee, which is more than 16 times what Gallup found in nationally representative polling in 142 countries worldwide.


Commenting on receiving the honor, Mr. Praveen P Kadle, Managing Director & CEO of Tata Capital Limited, said, "We are honored to receive the 2015 Gallup Great Workplace Award. We strongly believe that our 'people' are our key driver of growth and highly engaged employees are the foundation of a successful organization. We have taken well-structured, long term initiatives to build and sustain high levels of employee engagement and are extremely pleased that a global leader like Gallup has recognized our work in this area."


Gallup's rigorous scientific research links employee engagement to nine integral performance outcomes - customer ratings, profitability, productivity, turnover, safety incidents, shrinkage, absenteeism, patient safety incidents and quality. Gallup research also shows that companies with this winning combination have a competitive edge as organizations with highly engaged workforces can outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share.


A panel of Gallup workplace experts evaluates applicants and assesses them against criteria established by the most comprehensive workplace study ever conducted. The top organizations selected gain entry into an elite group of companies that have won the Gallup Great Workplace Award.

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