Tata Capital aims to 'weave' a new future for the women of Diphlu Pathar, Assam

Tata Capital's 'Do Right' initiative highlights the cause of Women Empowerment through the women of this village.


21st May 2015, Mumbai: Tata Capital, the financial services arm of the Tata Group, as a part of its 'Do Right' initiative aims to highlight the issue of Women Empowerment through its fourth story on the Journey of Doing Right. Women Empowerment was identified as one of the top 5 challenges facing India, with 10.89% votes in the Tata Capital India4India Survey.


The Journey has now found its next location - Diphlu Pathar, a village bordering the Kaziranga National Park, Assam. The women at Diphlu Pathar have undergone years of daily hardships ranging from insufficient diet to unpleasant living conditions with a deep set yearning to change their situation and empower themselves.


In stark contrast, just 25 kilometres away in the nearby village of Bochagaon, Tata Capital discovered a group of women who had become independent and self-sufficient through the art of weaving. It was Roop Jyoti, a teacher by profession, who was instrumental in bringing these women's dreams to fruition by teaching them the skill of weaving - an art that runs in her blood. Roop Jyoti has since devoted herself to the upliftment of women in the area.


It is to enable the exemplary and resilient women of Diplu Pathar that Tata Capital has taken the initiative to construct a workshop & 5 handlooms where the women could learn the art of weaving from Roop Jyoti and subsequently achieve financial independence by selling the workshop products. This initiative will go a long way in helping them achieve independence, addressing their challenges besides garnering equal respect in their society. The initiative calls for attention from the public at large to come and contribute to this story, either by way of donations or by sharing the story on their social networks.


Commenting on this initiative of The Journey of Doing Right, Ms. Veetika Deoras, Head - Brand Marketing, Corporate Communication and Digital Vertical, Tata Capital said, "At Tata Capital, we strongly believe that doing right is intrinsic to individuals, and consequently must be intrinsic to companies as well. We believe in propagating the philosophy of 'doing right' by inspiring people to do right, providing platforms to doing right and doing right ourselves. Towards this goal, we bring to light the story of Roop Jyoti, whose efforts towards Women Empowerment need an impetus and Tata Capital provides the perfect platform for the nation to help her overcome it by doing the right thing. In this way, one can inspire others to empower the women of Diphlu Pathar by weaving a new future for them."


Tata Capital through its portal 'www.doright.com' presents a platform for India to help the women of Diphlu Pathar by #WeavingEmpowerment into their lives so that they become equal contributors in their households and inspire every woman of this country. India can be the catalyst of growth in the lives of these women. Tata Capital urges everyone to show their support by contributing towards the construction and machinery of the handloom workshop.


To know more about the initiative, please go visit - http://doright.in/

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Tata Capital's 'India4India' Survey 2014 is an exclusive study on the major social issues faced by the Country today. Conducted in October 2014, the survey takes a close look into the challenges that concern the country at present, the reasons for the same and how willing people are to make a change. Commissioned and executed by Tata Capital, the research is based on an online study accumulating responses from 1001 respondents and 5000 votes. The survey identified Basic Healthcare, Illiteracy, Food Scarcity, Child Rights and Women Empowerment as the top challenges.

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